It’s like heaven for librarians (and booklovers)

I followed a link from Kimbooktu regarding a new way to store my books and found this post about the amazing staircase.

The flat occupies part of the shared top floor of an existing Victorian mansion block. Our proposal extended the flat into the unused loft space above, creating a new bedroom level and increasing the floor area of the flat by approximately one third. We created a ‘secret’ staircase, hidden from the main reception room, to access a new loft bedroom lit by roof lights. Limited by space, we melded the idea of a staircase with our client’s desire for a library to form a ‘library staircase’ in which English oak stair treads and shelves are both completely lined with books. With a skylight above lighting the staircase, it becomes the perfect place to stop and browse a tome. The stair structure was designed as an upside down ‘sedan chair’ structure (with Rodrigues Associates, Structural Engineers, London) that carries the whole weight of the stair and books back to the main structural walls of the building. It dangles from the upper floor thereby avoiding any complicated neighbour issues with the floors below.

Now I have to move again! I need a 2 story house so I can do this!!!

For the love of Shelties

I know this has nothing to do with technology or libraries – but I’m proud of my little baby so…

Look who’s on Sheltie Nation today. This is our baby Coda. And have you seen her other famous posts? One from when we moved and the other from when she was a baby

See more of our babies (yes there are two now) here and here.

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More on Social Gaming

If Meebo isn’t your thing – there’s also doof. A social gaming site that I’ve been meaning to try out – but just haven’t had the time yet.

doof is all about playing games and meeting people, we like to call it Social Gaming.

Bursting with games and cool ways to meet and beat others, doof is a cutting edge social web application wrapped up in a visually stunning package.When combined properly, the fun and excitement of casual gaming together with the friendship and rivalry experienced in social networking makes for a truly explosive cocktail"¦..which doof knows exactly how to make!

Meet and Beat at, the home of Social Gaming.

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Games & Meebo

What a great combo:

If you’re looking for a killer app on the Internet and are unwilling to get into pornography, gaming is your best bet. So when Meebo opened their platform last month to third party developers, it was clearly only a matter of time before they let game startups in. That time has come.

Twenty games launched on the service last night, ranging from chess and checkers to Texas Hold ‘em. Launch Meebo chat, click on a friend and start a game. And of course, chat with them real-time while you do it.

Read more at TechCrunch.

Shhhh – Don’t tell my husband

My husband is an avid gamer and has tried over the years to get me to join him in his role-playing sessions – but I never get into it. Now, Terence J. Fitzgerald writes in Library Journal that I should use role-playing games to help me be a better librarian – a more playful librarian!

More playful techniques such as role-playing, mapping storyboards, creating visual collages, and writing personas may seem unscientific and hard to justify, but for librarians these methods can be powerful tools to study users and conceptualize and develop new services and programs.

There are other issues I want to address in this article, but it’s time to leave for work.

Bad Predictions about the Future

I mentioned Dean Chickering’s opening to the EMA Conference earlier this week. In it he had a bunch of quotes about the future – including ones that people woudl probably regret saying if they were still alive (and probably do if they are). There is now a list of the Top 87 Bad Predictions about the Future that fits nicely in with this. Some of the quotes on this list were on Dean Chickering’s – like:

«The ordinary “horseless carriage” is at present a luxury for the wealthy; and although its price will probably fall in the future, it will never, of course, come into as common use as the bicycle.»
Literary Digest, 1899.

Give the list a look for a good chuckle.