Where do you keep your website?

I just read this funny dialog between a board officer and a web developer.

US/Canada Border Officer: "Are you coming for business or pleasure sir?"
Me: "Business"
Officer: "What is the nature of your stay?"
Me: "I'm a web developer and I'm meeting with a client in Oregon to discuss a project."
Border Officer: "What's the name of the client?"
Me: "pMachine."
Officer: "Are you bringing any websites with you?"
Me: Blank stare
Officer: "Do you have any websites in the car, sir?"

It’s funny and a little sad. You can read the entire dialog at the Digital Web Magazine site.

Dogs & Libraries

People who know me know that I love dogs!

I have pictures of my little munchkin on my desk, she has her own blog (which I don’t keep up) and she has her own set on Flickr.

But it’s not just my little one that I love, I love all dogs, big & small! One of my favorite daily reads is The Daily Puppy which shows a picture of a new puppy everyday (including my Coda last year).

So you can imagine how much fun it is for me to read this week’s series at Unshelved which combines my two loves Libraries & Dogs.

Read them for yourself:

Find me a library that allows employees to bring dogs to work and I’m there!!!