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Where do you keep your website?

I just read this funny dialog between a board officer and a web developer. US/Canada Border Officer: "Are you coming for business or pleasure sir?" Me: "Business" Officer: "What is the nature of your stay?" Me: "I'm a web developer and I'm meeting with a client in Oregon to discuss a project." Border Officer: "What's the name of the client?" Me: "pMachine." Officer: "Are you bringing any websites with you?"  [ Read More ]

What’s your site worth?

I found out about dnScoop on DownloadSquad. It’s a nifty little tool that tells you how much your site is worth. What’s mine worth? The estimated value of is: $12,420 So, what’s your site worth?

Geeky T

I know there are a ton of different geeky options out there, but my husband just sent me this geeky T-shirt and I wanted to share it with you all.

Just had to share this – it’s kinda funny. via: RSS Compendium & bLaugh

Library Crystal Ball

So much fun!! I found this via BiblioTech Web who found it through many others – so you probably have seen this already – but here it is again – The Library Crystal Ball!

Too Funny Not To Share

If you read my husband’s blog you know that we’ve been playing BattleLore lately. This new board game was a Christmas present for my husband – and not a night goes by that I don’t hear “Wanna play?” While this comic is extremely funny – my husband has not gone this far yet! Comic by Brian Barling

iPod Death Clock

Michael points us to the iPod Death Clock which told me that my new iPod was manufactured in November 06 and will live for another 700 days 20 hours 11 minutes 12 seconds. I think I’ll probably have upgraded before I hit D-Day.

Library Workout Tape

Is your New Year’s resolution to get fit? Not sure how to do that when you work in a library? You need the Betty Glover Library Workout Tape! One of my co-workers posted this on the intranet today and I just had to share with you all!!

Dogs & Libraries

People who know me know that I love dogs! I have pictures of my little munchkin on my desk, she has her own blog (which I don’t keep up) and she has her own set on Flickr. But it’s not just my little one that I love, I love all dogs, big & small! One of my favorite daily reads is The Daily Puppy which shows a picture of a  [ Read More ]

Poo-lar Bear

Yep – you read that right. My mother-in-law gave us each a candy pooing bear for a stocking stuffer this year. You have to see it in action – it’s very disturbing: The box says: “The Sub-Zero Poopin’ Hero!” — this is just too much!!

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