5 Things You Didn’t Know About Nicole Engard

David has tagged me! There is a new meme going around and this time I have to list 5 things you didn’t know about me — this is a hard one.

  1. My absolute favorite song is about dealing with change by the Indigo Girls. The song title is “The Wood Song” and my friends and I played it over and over on our way out of the parking lot at High School graduation – and I play it whenever I need some reminding that while:
    “Sometimes I ask to sneak a closer look
    Skip to the final chapter of the book
    And then maybe steer us clear from some of the pain it took
    To get us where we are this far yeah
    But the question drowns in its futility
    And even I have got to laugh at me
    No one gets to miss the storm of what will be
    Just holding on for the ride”
  2. While growing up I moved practically every 3 years – I now have this migratory instinct and it’s time for me to move (I’ve been in this house for 3+ years and it’s driving me crazy).
  3. Twins run in my family. My sisters are twins, I have cousins who are twins, and I have second/third cousins twice removed (or some such thing) who are twins – very scary for me!!!
  4. When I was a kid ( 7 or 8 ) my mother gave me and electric typewriter. I used to use that thing daily to write letters and new pages to my “novel” (a short story about how 2 kids find all kinds of weird things happen on Friday the 13th). I learned to type before I knew how to write cursive – and for hat reason my handwriting is atrocious.
  5. My long term dream is to retire to Italy – I have visited there 2 times so far in my life and have never been calmer – and that’s saying a lot for me! I love the easy way of life and the friendly people – now I just have to learn the language!

I am tagging: Brian Engard (of course), Meredith Farkas, John Blyberg, Sarah (the Scattered Librarian), and Susanne Sacchetti.

Best Game Ever

Well – best game as of today :)

I have been playing this awesome scrabble-like role-playing game (yes, I wrote that right) called Bookworm Adventures recently. This game is awesome! And educational! What more can you ask for?

You play the part of Lex – the bookworm. Lex is trying to save Cassandra (the princess), but in order to get to her he has to defeat several monsters along the way. Lex (being a worm) has no arms or feet – so he has to fight with words! That’s right – you spell words from the jumbled tiles provided in order to do damage to your enemies. This turn-based spelling RPG is totally addicting and tons of fun. Go out and buy yourself a copy today!!

Bloglines Overload

Okay, I have 1/2 a final left (which I’m stalling on – can’t you tell?) and I’m done done done! I have already gotten my grade for one class and am waiting to hear on the other one.

But the point of my post is that I haven’t had time to log into Bloglines and I know it has to be loaded down with thousands of posts. I think, when the term ends, on Weds I’m going to have to clear everything out and start fresh.

December is Here

My husband and I have been “discussing” when the right time to put up the Christmas tree is. Decorating my house is my favorite part of Christmas – he feels we should at least wait until December. Well it’s December!!

In honor of my holiday cheer, I want to share a handy holiday movies guide with you. The Christmas Movies Schedule lists the dates, times and channels where you can find your favorite Christmas movies. (note that the schedule started in October – I was just asking to put the tree up after Thanksgiving :) )

Librarians = Scary?

Okay, I’m done laughing now.

Steven pointed me to an interesting post about librarian bloggers.

There's an ENTIRE SUBCULTURE OF LIBRARIANS WHO BLOG out there. A sad, bizarre subculture. “Canuck Librarian”. “New Jack Librarian”. “Catalogablog”. “Diary of a Subversive Librarian”, even. LIBRARIANS. Who BLOG. What in the HELL could they have to BLOG about??

As you all know – we can be a very vocal bunch – which I guess led to this retraction.

The days of the old lady with the tight bun who “shhhhhh”-es you all the time are GONE, man. These people are COOL. These people KNOW tons of stuff, man. And if you are REALLY nice to them, maybe they'll explain GovDocs to you.

Christmas Presents for Librarians & Booklovers

I have found some pretty neat gift ideas I want to share with you all.

Bibliochase - Image From Catalog
  • Bibliochase
    The Bibliochaise is an armchairlibrary for who likes to be immersed in deep reading. It contains 5 linear metres of books and thanks to a special fitting structure is easily disassembled.
  • Kiss Me I’m A Librarian T-Shirt
    Or any of the other great gift ideas at TeaseCatalog
  • Men of TLA Calendar
    I mentioned this earlier – but it deserves to be repeated.
  • Librarian’s Rock T-Shirt
    Or any of the other Cafe Press gifts.

Party with the SLA & MLA in Philly

Don’t Miss the Joint SLA and MLA Holiday Party Featuring Silent Auction. This benefits SLA Knower Fund and Children’s Book Drive. on Thursday, December 7, 2006 at the Jenkins Law Library, 833 Chestnut East Building at 9th and Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia.

For more info visit the SLA Philadelphia Chapter website.

I’m posting this here because of a couple of reasons. 1 – I’m helping out with the party, 2 – It will be at my library, and 3 – I want to let you know that if you’re in the area you should join us!!!