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Glutton for Punishment

So, in addition to working full time and going for my MLIS, my husband I have decided to put our house on the market and move. We have a realtor coming next weekend to do a market analysis. So this weekend I’m finishing homework and scrubbing the house. I promise I’ll be back writing regularly soon – I just have to get my personal life in order. Keep an eye  [ Read More ]

Week 2 = Sick Week

Last week I told you all that Week 1 = Panic Week – well as it turns out all of that panicking isn’t good for you – so this week I’m sick!! I tried going to work yesterday, but that didn’t stick – now I’m sicker Just a quick personal update so you all know where I’m hiding.

Week 1 = Panic Week

This happened last term too – the first week is what I’m going to call “Panic Week”. The term started on Monday and I’ve been running around like a Chicken with it’s head cut off trying to get into the swing of things – I’ll probably be quiet for a bit – but I do have lots to share with you all – so stick around

Daylight Savings Time To Change

Sarah at LibrarianInBlack reminds us that Daylight Savings Time is changing this year. I knew this was coming – but for some reason I thought that we had another year so I welcome the reminder. Here’s what you need to know: This change is due to the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The bill amends the Uniform Time Act of 1966 by changing the start and end dates of daylight  [ Read More ]

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a fun night last night and starts off the new year on a good note!

David has tagged me! There is a new meme going around and this time I have to list 5 things you didn’t know about me — this is a hard one. My absolute favorite song is about dealing with change by the Indigo Girls. The song title is “The Wood Song” and my friends and I played it over and over on our way out of the parking lot at  [ Read More ]

First Big Present

Today my husband and I threw a holiday party for our families. Everyone came here and we cooked a feast. My mother and husband gave me a new digital camera. I got the FujiFilm E900 – and I must say it’s much better than my old Fuji. I took a bunch of pictures with no flash in my dark house and they all turned out pretty darn good. I also  [ Read More ]

1 Down 3 to Go

I submitted my last final last night. That means that term #1 is over – 3 more to go. I have a break between now and January 8th (when term 2 starts) but it won’t be much of a break. I have a ton of holiday traveling and entertaining and shopping and … you get the idea. Most importantly (to all of you) I have some catching up on the  [ Read More ]

Finals Week

Yep – that’s right – it’s time for me to finish up my first term. If you don’t see me writing for the next week – that’s why.

So Sorry

I am so sorry for the outage over the last few days. I was upgrading WordPress and then had some issues with my host. I’m in the market for a new host for 2 sites if anyone knows of a good one. I’d like 2 domains on one account.

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