Are you who you think you are?

Meredith had a long post a couple of weeks ago that I saved to read when I had time – apparently I’ve been busy. I just finished reading it and I couldn’t help thinking “She’s talking about me”! While I did not (and do not) suffer from fear when participating in public speaking (my fear came when I had to have a conversation with someone new) – everything else was right on the money.

[Meredith] never believed that any of her ideas or insights were worth much. Meredith never felt like she fit anywhere. She had friends, but, because she didn't think she had much to offer, she was uncomfortable among crowds and was scared of meeting new people. As a result, she avoided parties and didn't join any groups in college.

I have been attending Computers in Libraries for 3 of the last 5 years and I was lucky enough to attend Internet Librarian last year. At all of those conferences I kept to myself, talking to the few people who sat next to me in sessions (if they talked first) but never making a connection. I attended one dine around and let everyone around me talk – only jumping in when asked. Then after Internet Librarian 2005 I decide to start What I Learned Today… I thought it would help me keep up with all of the great new tools I was reading about – and like Meredith I figured, what’s the worst that can happen? No one will read what I write (I should mention here that I started off as a Creative Writing Major in college – and a few teachers sort of ruined writing for me – so I switched to Literature – and then added Computer Programming). But people did read – and responded and quoted and linked to me – and then when I went to Computers in Libraries this year I was determined to throw myself out there and see what happened.

I had people coming up to me and asking where they knew my name from – I got to talk to people I had been watching at these conferences for the last 5 years (never approaching them) – and most importantly – I had fun!!! So much fun that I can’t wait for October so I can see everyone again at Internet Librarian – where I will be presenting at my first national conference.

So Meredith, you’re right, you’re not the only one out there with doubts. Thanks for sharing – it’s great to learn that someone so confident in writing has fears not too unlike my own.

Google Real Estate

This makes me happy! I’m house hunting and I don’t know the area we want to move to very well so I like that I can see my results on a map. The problem is that there aren’t a lot of listings yet.

Search Google for “real estate” and you’ll see a search box in your results to search Google Real Estate.

Thanks B2Day for pointing this out – and for telling me the one drawback:

It appears that all the listings come from Google Base, rather than from other Websites.

Hopefully they’ll pull results from other real estate databases down the road – that would be super handy!

Internet Woes

Our Internet decided to go down this weekend – talk about withdrawal!! I was able to get things to work if the computer is hooked directly into the modem – but our wireless router seems to be on the fritz (it was free – you get what you pay for) – so my laptop is useless and I have to use my husband’s computer – which right now is my old computer with his hard drive in it because his computer died last week – Geeze!!!

Anyway, just a little (poorly punctuated) rant from an Internet starved Internet junkie.

Not a Librarian – Yet

That’s right folks, I’ve decided to take the plunge and get my MLS. It’s been a while since I’ve been in school – so this should be an interesting step and huge adjustment for me.

Back in December I posted about not being a librarian – but after reading through the comments and doing a little research I have decided that getting my MLS is a step I want to take. So I’ve started the application process and the hunt for money. For those of you who have recently gone through this process, feel free to share any resources you may have to make this easier for me :)