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MarcEdit to offer Direct Koha ILS Integration

MarcEdit, a free MARC editor/manipulator is going to offer Koha integration in its next release! At this point, the program is primarily supporting search and update/creation of records. Essentially, users will select their ILS system from the list of supported ILS’s (at this point, just Koha) and MarcEdit will add a new option to the MarcEditor window. I’ve been working hard over Thanksgiving so that a first version of this  [ Read More ]

RDA Helper added to MarcEdit

The latest release of MarcEdit (version 5.8) includes an RDA Helper: The RDA Helper is an in development tool that provides the ability to RDA’ize AACR2 records. The function allows users to select from a broad range of RDA field options. RDA Helper includes automatic GMD generation Terry Reese (the genius behind MarcEdit) has done a video to show you this new feature: Check out the latest version of MarcEdit  [ Read More ]

Dewey Training Courses from OCLC

I found this via Catalogablog: We have completed development of an online set of training modules (available at no charge) for the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC). The modules are based on DDC 23, and each consists of a slide presentation and a set of exercises. Several of the modules treat general principles governing the operation of the DDC; others treat the structure and use of specific tables and main classes.  [ Read More ]

Import Free Ebook Records to your Catalog

A couple years ago I brought a private project that shared Project Gutenberg records to your attention. Well, yesterday I thought I would go out and see if they had any more records to share so I could put them in to my Koha ILS demo site and found something awesome! Project Gutenberg has their own MARC exports (and other formats as well) that you can grab with over 40,000  [ Read More ]

Add Free Ebooks to your Catalog

This came across a few lists I’m on today and I thought it would be beneficial to some of you. Using the file that some Colorado Libraries have created you can import a batch of freely available ebook classics to your system. More info here: The Colorado Library Consortium created a project to clean up the most popular MARC records from Project Gutenberg called eDiscover the Classics. We identified the  [ Read More ]

No more “Cookery”

Oh no! What example will I use when I talk about tagging? This came across AUTOCAT yesterday: Subject Headings for Cooking and Cookbooks June 22, 2010 The Library of Congress issued the list of the new and revised subject headings for materials on cooking and cookbooks on June 22, 2010 ( These new and revised headings will be distributed beginning with the CDS distribution file vol. 25, issue 24 dated  [ Read More ]

Bib records as perpetual betas

Christine Schwartz pointed me to a post Dodie Gaudet titled Perpetual Beta & Bibliographic Records. Dodie makes some interesting points about how we should think of our bibliographic records, but I think she’s missing one step. First, let’s look at what Dodie says: So rather than thinking in terms of one person completing the perfect bib record, perhaps we begin with CIP or publishers data or something else and build  [ Read More ]

MARC not living up to the times

Stuart Yeates is awesome Okay – so I don’t know him – but this post makes me think he’s awesome: Card catalogs have a long tradition in librarianship, dating back, I’m told, to the book stock-take in the French revolution. Librarians understand card catalogs in a deep way that comes from generations of librarians having used them as a core professional tool all their professional lives. … It is natural,  [ Read More ]

Cataloging Marketplace Study

The Library of Congress has retained R2 Consulting, LLC to research and describe the US and Canadian “marketplace” for cataloging records and they have just posted a couple of surveys that need our input: If you are a librarian: Click here to take the library survey Once you have begun this survey, you can easily move forward and backward through the survey using the [Prev] and [Next] buttons on the  [ Read More ]

‡ Video Tutorials

I have uploaded some video tutorials that I put together for ‡ to YouTube – check them out and learn how to catalog with ‡ I’m going to try and embed the entire playlist here – so feel free to browse through the videos:

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