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Stop Making Sense

Last night I attended a talk at Princeton title Stop Making Sense: On Collecting, Sorting and Presenting Data presented by Rudolf Frieling, Curator of Media Arts at SFMOMA, San Francisco. I have to start by saying that the artsy parts lost me! Frieling would show and art piece and say – of course you’ve seen this or – you know this – and I’d be thinkin “huh? should I?” Other  [ Read More ]

Metadata Tools

I just read on a few quotes from the the report of the RLG Programs metadata practice survey on Lorcan Dempsey’s blog (I haven’t read the whole report yet) and wanted to add to his comments. The report says: … RLG Programs surveyed 18 Partner institutions1 in July and August 2007 to obtain a baseline understanding of their current descriptive metadata practices. Although we saw some expected variations in practice  [ Read More ]

Genius of Cataloging

Via AutoCat (by J. McRee (Mac) Elrod) & Cataloging Futures: Brian Campbell called my attention to this recorded lecture by Francis Miksa. It’s well worth the hour and a half it takes to listen to it (and I probably kept Hal awake doing so). After a fascinating detailed history (which establishes that nothing is new under the sun in terms to predicting the end of cataloguing), he turns to  [ Read More ]

The Return of Everything is Miscellaneous

Last week I wrote about my impressions of David Weinberger’s Everything is Miscellaneous. Well, this morning (around 2am) I finished the book and am so impressed! I love books that make me think – and Weinberger really left my head reeling. In my role as Metadata Librarian I not only have to work with metadata, but think about ways in which we can manipulate it to provide a better product  [ Read More ]

Everything is Miscellaneous

This is not a review – so much as it is a review of points that have stuck with me from my reading of Everything is Miscellaneous by David Weinberger. I’m not done yet – but I can’t hold it in anymore – and my husband is tired of listening to me rant about library-type stuff Point one: Allowing users to write reviews: When I was at the NFAIS Humanities  [ Read More ]

Open Source MODS-generating software

Via Metadatalibrarians: The University of Tennessee Digital Library Center is proud to announce the release of the DLC-MODS Workbook, version 1.2 under the GNU General Public License version 3. The DLC-MODS Workbook provides a series of web pages that enable users to easily generate complex, valid MODS metadata records that meet the 1-4 levels of specification outlined in the Digital Library Federation Implementation Guidelines for Shareable MODS Records, (DLF Aquifer  [ Read More ]

OCLC Connexion Tips?

I think there is a need for a blog/website/mailing list/general list of OCLC Connexion tips! I’ve been attending training at PALINET and keep learning new little tips that will make my life easier – plus I keep finding that I sometimes know a thing or two that the others in the class didn’t. I think there is a need for a way for us to share this info so we  [ Read More ]

New Mark Twain Digital Collection

I just got this via a few of my mailing lists and thought I should share with you all. I'm happy to announce that today the University of California launched the beta version of Mark Twain Project Online, a digital critical edition of the writings of Mark Twain, providing access to more than twenty-three hundred letters written between 1853 and 1880, including nearly 100 facsimiles of originals. The site is  [ Read More ]

Book Jacket Brainstorm

While watching a demo of Primo at the EMA conference today I had a brainstorm. Most academic libraries remove the dust jackets from books before putting them on the shelf. This means that adding images of book covers isn’t quite at valuable to us as it might be to a public library. So – what if, while we were cataloging we were given a choice. We can include the dust  [ Read More ]

So many rules!

The Daily News: This just in, a volunteer at the Crocker Art Museum Library was crushed to death by the AACR2 (Anglo-American Rules for Cataloguing 2002 edition). Well, not quite, but that’s what I felt like. I am now volunteering at the Hansen Library at the Crocker Art Museum in downtown Sacramento on Saturdays. I met with the Librarian yesterday to see what he wanted me to do, and he  [ Read More ]

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