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PTSEM Digital Library

I know I haven’t spoken much about my new job, but now I have something big to announce. The Princeton Theological Seminary has signed with Mark Logic to assist in the development of our digital library! The big release was today at a conference at the seminary, but I was at a training class so I’m not sure how it was received. We’re just starting out, but I’m very excited  [ Read More ]

Irony & Teachers

I’m finally reading Everything in Miscellaneous – and it’s awesome. The irony is that I’m taking a two day subject cataloging class. While the instructor (who is awesome and full of energy) talks about how getting the most specific subject heading is our goal and having things in alphabetical order is good – I can’t help but laugh inside because sitting next to me in my bag is a book  [ Read More ]

Information R/evolution

I just love every video I’ve seen by this man! Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology and author/director of The Machine is Us/ing Us has another video addressing the issues brought up in Everything is Miscellaneous (a book I’m finally reading now that I have some time):

Cataloging for the Users

I’m not quite as offended as Chris Schwartz is about the statements made by Chris Oliver in her Changing to RDA article – maybe because I haven’t read it – or the RDA draft, but I wanted to chime in anyway Chris Oliver says: The standard is designed to be easy to use and to generate records that contain data that is relevant and important to users. And Chris Schwartz  [ Read More ]

Future of MARC

I feel like I should duck after hitting submit on this post – I might be opening up the flood gates – but here it goes! My friend (and colleague) Chris Schwartz has written about the future of MARC (and probably will have many more posts on this topic). When it is mentioned, MARC usually gets a bad rap. It’s often viewed as worn out legacy metadata better suited for  [ Read More ]

What I Learned Today… in WorldCat

Ages ago I mentioned that I was going to put this blog into OCLC and by extension WorldCat. I didn’t want to submit the record without consulting a few experts (Jennifer Lang and Christine Schwartz — thank you both) so it took a bit longer than I expected. Since you can’t see my full MARC record through WorldCat (and you don’t all have OCLC) I have copied my record here  [ Read More ]

Where’s the threat

I’m not completely sure how to respond to Martha Yee’s article entitled “Will The Response Of The Library Profession To The Internet Be Self-Immolation?“, but I do want to respond. While reading the article I found myself nodding and then saying “yeah, but…” I think that Martha is right in many ways, but that she also misses something. Martha says: All librarians, not just catalogers, should take a look at  [ Read More ]

Intro to Koha Redux

Back in May I wrote about a Koha Demo that I organized at the Jenkins Law Library. Well, I did it again! Only this time I got Chris Cormack, VP of Research & Development at LibLime and one of the original developers of Koha to come and talk at the Princeton Seminary Library. First, on a personal note, this presentation was very different for me. Last time I was sitting  [ Read More ]

The Fear is Worse than the Reality

Richard Wallis has a post at Panlibus about an article found via the BBC regarding the Open Library project. My favorite quote: As with the rest of society, the fear of something nasty happening can be far more corrosive that the possibility of it happening. Maybe I should give you a little bit of background. This was in response to comments by Stephen Bury, head of European and American Collections  [ Read More ]

ALA 2007: Metadata Presentations

Via Cataloging Futures (Chris won’t mind…): Over on the LITA Blog, Rebecca Guenther provides information about an ALA Annual 2007 program that was sponsored by the LITA Standards Interest Group, Using Metadata Standards in Digital Libraries: implementing METS, MODS, PREMIS and MIX: Rebecca Guenther, Library of Congress: Using Metadata Standards in Digital Libraries: Introduction to METS, MODS, PREMIS and MIX Morgan Cundiff, Library of Congress: Using <METS> and <MODS> to  [ Read More ]

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Bookmarks for Septe

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