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Open Source ILS Survey

I received this via email and thought you might all be interested in participating: This is a call for participation in a survey about the decision-making process of choosing a proprietary versus an open source integrated library system (ILS). The results will be tabulated and used to help other libraries learn from and use your experience as they make decisions regarding their ILSs. This survey is part of a research  [ Read More ]

MarcEdit to offer Direct Koha ILS Integration

MarcEdit, a free MARC editor/manipulator is going to offer Koha integration in its next release! At this point, the program is primarily supporting search and update/creation of records. Essentially, users will select their ILS system from the list of supported ILS’s (at this point, just Koha) and MarcEdit will add a new option to the MarcEditor window. I’ve been working hard over Thanksgiving so that a first version of this  [ Read More ]

Open Source Scare Tactics

I posted this originally over on my work site, but thought it bared repeating to a bigger audience. I recently heard something a bit disturbing from a library friend and thought I should use this as a teaching opportunity. This library friend was doing research on ILSes and was told by a proprietary company’s sales person that with an open source system, such as Koha, if they don’t contribute to  [ Read More ]

Participate in the Perceptions 2012 Survey

Every year Marshall Breeding conducts a survey of library automation, but he can’t do it without you. It’s time to collect data for the 2012 edition of the survey. This is an opportunity for libraries to register their perceptions of the ILS product they use, its vendor, and the quality of support delivered. Is support getting better or worse? The survey also probes at considerations for migrating to new systems  [ Read More ]

ILS Survey Limited

I posted earlier today about a survey for libraries to share their satisfaction with their ILS. What I didn’t know was that if you chose the library type of anything other than Academic or Public you would be kicked out of the survey. As an SLA member and a special library supporter I find this a bit offensive. Why don’t our opinions matter? A survey of libraries in the US  [ Read More ]

Survey on ILS Satisfaction

This came across my email today and I thought I should share it with you all. Library Journal is conducting a snap survey to determine library and patron satisfaction with integrated library systems (ILS) in both public and academic libraries. Are you in charge of technology, collections, or reference at your library? We are eager to hear your thoughts about the systems that you and your patrons use every day.  [ Read More ]

The Open Source Mindset

Over my years of working with Koha and libraries using Koha I have learned a lot. One of those things is that libraries need to understand that switching to an open source ILS is a game changing experience. You no longer follow the same rules you followed when with a proprietary vendor – in so very many ways. Owen Leonard (who’s library has recently switched support vendors – but not  [ Read More ]

2009 Library Automation Perceptions

Marshall has published the results of his annual library automation perceptions report. The top findings are as follows: Products and companies focusing on smaller libraries and narrower niches generally receive higher perception scores than those involved with larger, more complex organizations that and that serve multiple types of libraries. Apollo, a system adopted exclusively by small public libraries topped the charts in ILS, company, support perceived satisfaction and in company  [ Read More ]

Open Source ILS Maps

David Friggens, Systems Librarian at University of Waikato in New Zealand, has been releasing a series of mashups that are close to my heart. They are a series of maps of libraries that are using an Open Source ILS. Academic Libraries Public Libraries Special/Corporate Libraries The maps pull data from libwebcats (another project I love very much) and plot the libraries on a Google Map. Since libwebcats depends on libraries  [ Read More ]

Open Source & the Letter of the Law

I’ve stayed mostly quiet on the issues that have been rearing their head regarding the newest LibLime software offering because of my connection to the company in the past. That said, I had to comment on Josh Hadro’s most recent post about the community uproar over LibLime’s Enterprise Koha. Josh starts his article by saying Typically, a revamped vendor product line doesn’t result in a flurry of open letters to  [ Read More ]

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Bookmarks for Augus

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Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...