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Stop Arguing and Do Something

A quote from a friend who will remain nameless: “i swear to god, if the library world invested half as much time in doing things, as talking/arguing about things .. the world would be a better place” I have to agree with this quote – especially after reading the comments on the recent article about Blacklight in The Chronicle of Higher Education and then the comment summary post on The  [ Read More ]

LibraryThing for Libraries in Koha 3.2

Chris Catalfo has a post over at Thingology about the integration of Library Thing for Libraries in Koha 3.2. The 3.2 version of Koha (which isn’t out yet) will include the improved integration for LTFL. If you are using Koha without a host, and run on the bleeding edge, you can try it now via Git. What this does is enable and disable LTFL through the Koha Enhanced Content system  [ Read More ]

Koha Training/Tutorials

I love being part of an open source community!! The amazing staff at NEKLS have done it again! They have already contributed to the Koha community with their amazing NExpress website, but now they have added training videos into the mix!! Make sure you check out their videos and their other training materials and subscribe to their site! Also, everyone who knows Koha knows Owen and his amazing design work  [ Read More ]

Open Source ILS Library Technology Report

I haven’t gotten a copy of this report yet, so I can’t tell you (first hand) what’s covered, but I didn’t want you to miss out. So, if you get a chance, stop by your library and check out a copy of the newest Library Technology Report by Marshall Breeding (that’s what I’ll be doing). In this issue, Breeding details the differences between using an open source approach to that  [ Read More ]

Want to learn more about Koha?

Years after the first KohaCon in France, the planning of a US conference has finally begun. This from the Koha Mailing List: April 16-17th I’m looking to host a Koha innovations and sharing group here in the US. – Plano Texas would be the place. This is a reserved date – more info to come. This 2 day workshop would have lab access and presentation space. There would be a  [ Read More ]

Library Automation Perceptions 2008

It’s that time of year again. Marshall Breeding has posted information on how to participate in his Perceptions 2008 International Library Automation Survey: We live in interesting times when it comes to automation strategies in libraries. Competition intensifies between traditional companies licensing their products and a new wave of open source challengers. I think that it is important to pursue research that gauges the effectiveness of the various approaches to  [ Read More ]

Reviews by LibraryThing

I mentioned that I was waiting to hear more from Tim about the LibraryThing Reviews for your library catalog. Well, Tim has finally posted about it – and it’s even more awesome than I thought. Tim compares the LibraryThing service to ChiliFresh and shows that LibraryThing is going to give you a far superior number of reviews for popular titles: Pulitzer Prize winners Chilifresh LibraryThing 2008 The Brief Wondrous Life  [ Read More ]

Reviews from LibraryThing

I love LibraryThing (and the staff at LibraryThing). They come up with the best tools (aside from the tools from the LibLime developers hehe). Anyway, I just got a sneak peak of ‘Reviews at my Library’ from LibraryThing after reading a short post at the Thingology blog. We’ll be at Internet Librarian in Monterey, CA, Monday-Wednesday. We’re at booth 316, in the boonies, I think. We’ll be showing off LibraryThing  [ Read More ]

Congrats NEKLS

A few weeks ago I got to to Kansas and train the NEKLS librarians on how to use the Koha ILS. While many libraries have been migrating to Koha (or choosing to migrate soon), NEKLS is the first that I’ve seen create a website for all of their libraries (and anyone else) to learn from as they train their staff on the new system. So, congrats to NEKLS on going  [ Read More ]

Koha 3.0 Released

This from the Koha mailing list: Hi folks, I’m happy to announce that a packaged release of Koha 3.00.00 is now available. You can download from the usual location: Release notes and more information can be found on the official Koha site. Technorati Tags: koha, ils, libraries, open source

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