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VALENJ: Evergreen Open Source Library System

Bob Molyneux of Equinox was second to speak at the VALE Symposium the other day. Bob started by filling us in on the state of the open-source software US public library market which is only about 1%, give or take. He didn’t have the data for academic libraries yet, but he was sure it was less than the publics. That said, a new wind is blowing and big consortia like  [ Read More ]

OPAC review from a non-librarian

Yesterday I had an interesting chat with my sister about library catalogs. We were talking about the post I made regarding IM & SMS and whether librarians should skip over IM and move on to SMS? I told her about the fact that card catalogs are still being used and she replied with “Well, I’d rather use a card catalog, it was much easier to find things that way.” This  [ Read More ]

Taking the Catalog out of the mix

I’ve been saving a post by Karen Coyle for a while now – wanting to give it a good read. The post was titled The ILS minus the catalog. If you couldn’t tell, I’m spending this morning catching up on blog reading and blog posting Anyway, back to Karen. This is an interesting post and on that I can relate to both as a librarian and as a developer. Karen  [ Read More ]

Code4Lib 2008: VuFind

In Andrew Nagy’s presentation From Idea to Open Source, he took us through the process of creating VuFind, an open-source OPAC replacement/Library portal. At Villanova, they wanted to develop a portal for library patrons that would let people search the catalog, the article databases and digital library all in one – and keep it separate from the ILS. The goal was one single interface for all library resources in order  [ Read More ]

Koha Camp at Code4Lib

Are you attending Code4Lib this year? If you are – I encourage you to attend Koha Camp. Technorati Tags: code4lib, koha

Koha Camp

Don’t miss this free opportunity hosted by PALINET: Koha Camp is a unique first opportunity for systems librarians, library software developers and designers to come together for an open source experience with Koha Library Integrated System. This one-day workshop, limited to 25 participants, is a place where teams of software developers and librarians will join to explore the open source community and to solve real-world problems. Staff members from LibLime,  [ Read More ]

Conversation on Cataloging

I had an interesting chat with a friend regarding cataloging rules and tools that I wanted to share with you all. I know it can sometimes be hard to follow someone else’s chat transcript – but here you go: Brooke: I think I want to try gluing my catordogging cripple speak to my lack of coding knowledge Brooke: You know how there’s dublin core Brooke: RDA and MARC Brooke: as  [ Read More ]

It’s all about customer service

What an amazing idea! David Lee King posts about an addition to his library catalog. When patrons can’t find what they’re searching for they’re prompted with a meebo chat box to ask a librarian for help! Check out the picture on Flickr.

Woa – what an amazing idea!

From a post by Joseph Lucia at Villanova on the ngc4lib mailing list: If we look beyond money to personnel, the option looks even better. Let me suggest some numbers. What if, in the U.S., 50 ARL libraries, 20 large public libraries, 20 medium-sized academic libraries, and 20 Oberlin group libraries anted up one full-time technology position for collaborative open source development. That’s 110 developers working on library applications with  [ Read More ]

Patrons’ Frustrations

I just had a short chat with a friend about the catalog at her local library. They used to have a terrible system that didn’t seem to work at all and now they’ve put Aquabrowser on top of it: [09:47] Friend: *sigh* [09:47] Friend: catalogs are so finicky! [09:47] Nicole: yep [09:47] Nicole: what’s the matter now? [09:47] Friend: sheesh [09:48] Friend: i just want a listing of the books  [ Read More ]

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Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...