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My first meeting in the Second Life Library

I am right now attending my very first meeting in the Library 2.0 in Second Life. It’s a meeting about what we want the library to be and how we can make it that. The discussion started with the wish for us to be able to co-browse in SL so that we can show people where to find resources online – which makes sense – but isn’t possible yet. Now  [ Read More ]

My Second Life Avatar

My Second Life Avatar Originally uploaded by talia679. I finally signed up for Second Life. I wanted to check out the Library 2.0 in the game. It was really amazing! I was part of the beta testing for Second Life when the game first came out – after the beta was over I didn’t play anymore – I had my own property and had a bunch of money – but  [ Read More ]

More on Second Life

A little while ago I posted about how I wasn’t sure how Second Life could be used by libraries – apparently OPAL and the Alliance Library System have come up with a way: Alliance Library System and OPAL (Online Programming for All Libraries) are pleased to announce that selected OPAL programs will soon be offered in the online virtual reality game Second Life. Book discussions, training sessions, and other programs  [ Read More ]

More on the Web 2.0 Challenge

Paul Miller has posted a follow up to his presentation at CIL last week. He commented on our (the biblioblogosphere’s) doubts that vendors will ever live up to the dream he presented to us. Change is hard. Change can hurt. Given where we are now, and where the wider world is going, change is essential. We need to work with libraries in order to ensure that they can project themselves  [ Read More ]

Us vs Them – Why??

It makes me sad. Well it makes me angry first, but then when that passes I’m sad. I was debating whether to say anything or not – considering how upset my last (seemingly innocent) post made people, but no one is in the library yet – so I only have you guys to share with. Steven has a post on Library Stuff titled Back To Boolean? A Call to…Goodness Sake!  [ Read More ]

It’s all in the name

Dave Hook has a good post over on his site about the controversy around the name “Library 2.0″. If we’re going to come up with a name for these ideas, I’d prefer a name along the lines of ‘The Library 2.0 Movement’ or something else that implies continous improvement. I think that’s a great idea – when I talked to Dave last week about this he said he didn’t like  [ Read More ]

The Web 2.0 Challenge

I know that you’ve been wondering since I posted about the Future of Catalogs what my favorite session was at CIL this year – well, here it is! Paul Miller is the Technology Evangelist for Talis – how fun does that sound?? Paul said “One day I’ll have a normal job” but why would you want a normal job? Not only is Paul’s job title fun – he was fun  [ Read More ]

Share your code

John Blyberg has a post about Library 2.0 Websites (worth a looksie) in which he calls for us to share our code with one another (among many other things): We ought to be developing on open-source then turning around and making our work freely available to one another. We are libraries after all, we ought to act like it, not just in the stacks and at the circulation desks, but  [ Read More ]

Uh Oh!

Looks like I ruffled a few feathers with my most recent L2 post. The problem with communicating in this way (via the web) is that people don’t really know you, your personality, or your tones. First, I want to apologize for making people think I was telling them to “shut up” … in fact my mother would probably call me up to ground me right this second for even typing  [ Read More ]

Library 2.0 Explained

Stephen Abram has a great post about The Library 2.0 ‘Bandwagon’ on his blog. If you’re on the wall about Library 2.0 then this is the post to read. Stephen makes some great points that (I hope) will shut the mouths of the people debunking Library 2.0 and make them go “hmmmm”. make the people debunking Library 2.0 sit back and go “hmmmm”. 2.0 is ‘smoke and mirrors’? I think  [ Read More ]

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