Registration Tomorrow

Yikes! I just noticed that one of the classes I was going to take is either full or not offered anymore – so now I’m in a pickle.

This was what I wanted for summer:

  • Managing Information Orgs (Info 640)
  • Information Services in Orgs (Info 643)
  • Library Automation (Info 664)

But I’m going to have to change that because I’m going to take this in the spring:

  • Managing Information Orgs (Info 640)
  • Legal Bibliography (Info 681)
  • Cataloging & Classification I (Info 660)

So now I have to find out what to do this summer:

  • Information Services in Orgs (Info 643)
  • Library Automation (Info 664)
  • ????

I know you don’t know how to help me – but I just thought I’d share. I’ll be registering tomorrow morning – let’s just hope I have internet – and power :) The snow is supposed to get bad – we’ll see if the weather man is right.

My plans have been foiled

Back in July I plotted out my entire MLIS program – but it looks like one of my spring classes has been canceled. So now I need to pick between these – what do you think?

  • INFO 681 – Legal Bibliography
    Introduces the fundamentals of legal research, including sources and research strategies.

  • INFO 622 – Content Representation
    Focuses on fundamental decisions in designing subject access systems and alternative approaches to indexing. Explores current issues in content representation: principles of subject analysis; natural language vs. vocabulary control; manual, computer-assisted, and automatic indexing; faceted indexing and classification systems; image indexing and retrieval; indexing and the World Wide Web. Includes evaluation of indexer consistency and indexing system performance.

  • INFO 688 – Instr Role Info Specialist
    Examines the instructional role of the information professional. Emphasizes the planning, implementation, and evaluation of instruction for the purpose of information education.

I’ll be taking one of these alongside these 2:

  • INFO 608 – Human-Computer Interaction
  • INFO 660 – Cataloging & Classification I

I’m up for suggestions.

Blog Post – Required Reading :)

That’s right – my Digital Libraries professor has asked my classmates to read my blog post on The New Shape of Knowledge (my summary of David Weinberger’s presentation from KMWorld) – that’s pretty darn neat!!

On a side note – I have also published this post in the DUSLA (Drexel University SLA Student Chapter) Newsletter that will be available next week sometime.

More Student Resources

I mentioned the 3 part Back to School with the Class of Web 2.0 series from Solution Watch a while back (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), well now there are a few more tools you can add to that list. At Wanderings of a Librarian there is a list of a few more handy tools.

I had been planning to give a workshop to students early in the spring semester about free, web-based tools for organizing research notes, citations, and links–all those things one accumulates when working on an academic paper or project.

The new tools are:

Learn more at Wanderings of a Librarian.

1 Down 3 to Go

I submitted my last final last night. That means that term #1 is over – 3 more to go. I have a break between now and January 8th (when term 2 starts) but it won’t be much of a break. I have a ton of holiday traveling and entertaining and shopping and … you get the idea.

Most importantly (to all of you) I have some catching up on the biblioblogosphere to do – so keep an eye out for a bunch of posts in the next couple of weeks.

Bloglines Overload

Okay, I have 1/2 a final left (which I’m stalling on – can’t you tell?) and I’m done done done! I have already gotten my grade for one class and am waiting to hear on the other one.

But the point of my post is that I haven’t had time to log into Bloglines and I know it has to be loaded down with thousands of posts. I think, when the term ends, on Weds I’m going to have to clear everything out and start fresh.