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What I learned in my first week

I know that my first week isn’t over yet – but I wanted to share what I’ve learned so far. First, the people and the library are awesome! As you all know (if you’re in the working world) that is the most important thing to look for in a job! Second, metadata is cool! I can’t wait to actually get my hands dirty (which I’ll get to do this afternoon).  [ Read More ]

Changes Abound

You may be wondering why I’ve written about change so much lately – well that’s because I have a big one on the horizon for me. I’ve been holding in this secret for too long now! After 6 years at Jenkins Law Library, I will be leaving on May 8th and moving on to a new position. I cannot share more details yet (papers to sign), but my notice has  [ Read More ]

7 Ways to motivate your millennial

On the opposite end of things (I’m referring to my last post from a few minutes ago) – what can managers do to keep new employees motivated? Ryan Healy writes at Brazen Careerist about 7 ways to motivate your millennial employees. What an amazing list! And a great guide for managers. One that strikes home for me is #6, Be my friend. I had a manager once (long long ago)  [ Read More ]

Disgruntled with your job (or job hunt)?

Do something about it! That’s Rachel’s message – and a great one at that! We can all complain the day away (and it’s totally necessary to get things off of your chest or you’ll explode) – but in the end it comes down to you. If we’re going to continue to remain relevant as a profession, we need first to take personal responsibility — for remaining informed, for building something  [ Read More ]

Library Journal Job Satisfaction Survey

[Via Bill Drew on the Library 2.0 Interest Group on Facebook] Dear Librarian, It's been over a decade since Library Journal conducted a job satisfaction survey. That study, in 1994, brought attention to the graying of librarianship and has been quoted widely in both government and media. It also unleashed passionate discussion of salaries, image, and job challenges and persuaded us to do two other surveys, on non-MLS librarians and  [ Read More ]

Comparing AALL & SLA

I’m writing up a report for one of my classes. I have to compare 2 library associations and I chose SLA & AALL since they’re both close to what I do. One way I can gather info is to ask others – so if you’re a member of either or both and want to share a pro, con, or story with me – please feel free. The report is due  [ Read More ]

Info Career Trends

In case you didn’t already know the newest issue of Lisjobs’ Professional Development Newsletter – Info Career Trends is out. This issue covers writing for publication.

Keep track of time

SlimTimer is a nifty little tool that I read about on TechCrunch. It provides you with a web based personal timer. This is great for people who work from home or work for time. You can keep track of your time and then run reports for both yourself and anyone else who has shared their timer with you. While it does still depend on the honesty of the employee, it’s  [ Read More ]

My most recent project

I just realized how long it has been since I’ve written anything. I’m trying to get things organized around the house before I start classes. I’m currently reading The Accidental Systems Librarian. In addition, at work I’m working on a huge project to replace the software we’re using for ILL. So as you can see I’ve been a little busy. This project I’m working on is so much bigger than  [ Read More ]

Map out your job

Jessamyn has posted a great image over at The image shows a chart that explains a library director’s job. I think all employees should have to create a chart like this. I think that if we all had one of these we could show them to our board members when we’re up for review. This way they’d see that the web manager doesn’t just make sure that the web  [ Read More ]

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