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Donate A Book Day in April

Later this month the first Donate-A-Book day will take place at libraries around the country. On April 14, readers across the U.S. will be encouraged to donate new or gently used books to their local libraries. Books will be added to the library’s collections, with remaining books given to the Friends of the Library, for use at their annual booksale fundraisers. For more info please read the press release and  [ Read More ]

CIL11: Learning from Inspirational Libraries

Marshall Breeding was up this morning talking to us about learning from libraries he’s visited around the world! I don’t see Marshall’s slides online yet, but I hope to find them sometime because he has a ton of awesome pictures in them to share with us all. First up, in 2007 Marshall visited Yonsei University library in Seoul, Korea. Marshall feels that they have done everything they could with technology.  [ Read More ]

Add Free Ebooks to your Catalog

This came across a few lists I’m on today and I thought it would be beneficial to some of you. Using the file that some Colorado Libraries have created you can import a batch of freely available ebook classics to your system. More info here: The Colorado Library Consortium created a project to clean up the most popular MARC records from Project Gutenberg called eDiscover the Classics. We identified the  [ Read More ]

You must earn your place in communities

I’m reading ‘Trust Agents‘ by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith right now and I have to say I’m learning a lot! One part that I feel bears repeating here (that I didn’t learn from the book – but from real life) is about joining communities – the right way. I think the following quote from the book applies to many of the things I teach librarians (social networking, web 2.0  [ Read More ]

New Librarian Q&A Site

I received an email the other day about a proposal for a new Q&A site for librarians to communicate with each other. The explanation I got was: Stack Exchange was previously a paid service that was changed to free, and this Libraries proposal is based on an existing site operating on the old platform called Unshelved Answers. (It was created by the people behind the Unshelved library comic strip.) The  [ Read More ]

No more “Cookery”

Oh no! What example will I use when I talk about tagging? This came across AUTOCAT yesterday: Subject Headings for Cooking and Cookbooks June 22, 2010 The Library of Congress issued the list of the new and revised subject headings for materials on cooking and cookbooks on June 22, 2010 ( These new and revised headings will be distributed beginning with the CDS distribution file vol. 25, issue 24 dated  [ Read More ]

Survey about Twitter Usage in Libraries

This message came across one of my mailing lists and I thought I should share with any of you out thee using Twitter in your libraries. Note that Lina does want only one respondent per library, so make sure you coordinate with your colleagues. I’m a LIS student and need your support for my diploma thesis. I have created a survey about your library’s Twitter profile to compare German and  [ Read More ]

Lori Reed‘s site was featured on her local news report. Share this video along with a note about the correct URL:

TCLC Transforming the Library

I was asked to talk about open source, Koha, and Library Mashups at the TCLC spring meeting in PA today. But before I gave my talks, I got to listen to Nancy Magnuson give a keynote address on Transforming the Library. Nancy talked to us about the transformation of the Goucher Athenaeum in Baltimore. This Athenaeum was decided to be the intellectual center of the campus. In fact they put  [ Read More ]

Major NJ Library Budget Cuts

I am a Pennsylvania librarian – but I do a ton of work in New Jersey and work very closely with NJ librarians and it is for this reason that I feel a need to spread the word of some very bad news NJ received yesterday. First, the announcement (links added by me): TO: Library Directors FROM: Norma E. Blake, State Librarian SUBJECT: 2011 Budget DATE: March 17, 2010 Yesterday  [ Read More ]

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