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It’s about more than Free

This is a very very interesting article about the power of free from Mashable. I was reading it with an eye toward an open source twist – but as I finished reading I found that it can easily teach libraries and librarians a thing or two. We always ask why people pay for books or other items found at libraries versus getting them for free in the library – maybe  [ Read More ]

Win a copy of Library Mashups

Last week I was on the Library 2.0 Gang talking about mashups and and my upcoming book. There were some awesome mashup ideas talked about during the call. One that has stuck with me was a way to grab reading lists from all libraries in your area so you can see what books are best for your kid. Another really awesome idea mentioned letting patrons geocode your library to create  [ Read More ]

Libraries populate the Twitterverse

Librarian (and library) twitterers have been recognized by Libraries are seizing on Twitter, the micro-blogging phenomenon, as a new way to reach out to users and to network with colleagues and the wider book trade. An estimated 40-plus individual libraries and library services, including Manchester, Devon, Bradford, Edinburgh, Westminster and Leeds are now making use of the site. Many individual librarians are also choosing to register. Very cool! Technorati  [ Read More ]

Libraries featured on the Today Show

This morning while I was training librarians on how to use Koha, libraries were featured on the Today Show. If you missed it too – you can view it here: Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

MARC not living up to the times

Stuart Yeates is awesome Okay – so I don’t know him – but this post makes me think he’s awesome: Card catalogs have a long tradition in librarianship, dating back, I’m told, to the book stock-take in the French revolution. Librarians understand card catalogs in a deep way that comes from generations of librarians having used them as a core professional tool all their professional lives. … It is natural,  [ Read More ]

Open Access Library News

I’m still catching up on emails from being away so I missed my invite to In the Library with the Lead Pipe until just now. We are six librarians working in academic, public, and school libraries across the United States. In addition to essays by its founders, In the Library with the Lead Pipe will feature articles by guests representing special libraries and archives, as well as educators, administrators, library  [ Read More ]

Crowdsourcing and open source

I am reading an awesome book right now – Crowdsourcing: Why the Power of the Crowd Is Driving the Future of Business by Jeff Howe. I has read through bits of the book a few months back while waiting for my hubby to pick up a new RPG and liked what I saw. Howe talks about the movement we’re seeing on the web these days – the movement from a  [ Read More ]

LibraryThing for Libraries in Koha 3.2

Chris Catalfo has a post over at Thingology about the integration of Library Thing for Libraries in Koha 3.2. The 3.2 version of Koha (which isn’t out yet) will include the improved integration for LTFL. If you are using Koha without a host, and run on the bleeding edge, you can try it now via Git. What this does is enable and disable LTFL through the Koha Enhanced Content system  [ Read More ]

NJLA – Why we borrow

This morning started with Paco Underhill, Founder, CEO, and President of Envirosell, Inc., a global research and consulting firm. His keynote was amazing!! I just couldn’t stop writing and I hope I got all of the best points he made down. Paco started by explaining why his books exist = “13 years ago i fell in love with the wrong woman – a premier flutist – she worked every night  [ Read More ]

Cataloging Marketplace Study

The Library of Congress has retained R2 Consulting, LLC to research and describe the US and Canadian “marketplace” for cataloging records and they have just posted a couple of surveys that need our input: If you are a librarian: Click here to take the library survey Once you have begun this survey, you can easily move forward and backward through the survey using the [Prev] and [Next] buttons on the  [ Read More ]

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