DDR at the Library

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I went to the library tonight with my husband (he needed something else to read). A pink poster caught my eye – it was a for a DDR Competion at the . I know it’s hard to read – all we had with us was a phone – you can see us reflecting in the glass – but you get the idea.

While I’m praising my local library I should also point out that they have 2 blogs – one general and one for teens. Now they just need some help with their website (looks better in IE than Firefox) – which I’ll offer to help with once I graduate if it’s still this bad!

Dell Battery Recall

You may have heard this already, but Dell is recalling batteries that have been overheating and setting laptops on fire. I have one of the potentially affected laptops – but I haven’t turned it off to check the battery yet :)

Learn more about this recall and share it with your friends and family (especially if they got their laptop between April 1, 2004 and July 18, 2006).

[update] Turns out I have one of the bad batteries – so I have to wait 20 days for my new battery [/update]

Cars 2.0

I can see why people would start to hate names with 2.0 in them. Last night I was watching TV when I saw a commercial for the new Nissan Altima. The theme was 2.0 all the way. They would show flashes of the car and then print something like Passion_2.0 and then Excitement_2.0 at the end they printed Nissan_2.0 and Shift_2.0.

They idea is supposed to be version 2 – but how long has the altima been around? I’m sure there have been more than 2 versions. Just something I wanted to share.