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Flickr &

Oh neat!! I was playing with today and saw that I could link my photos from concert to the concert page on So I put a machine tag on my pictures and all of the sudden they were linked right to How cool is that? I didn’t know that you could do that!! Technorati Tags: flickr, lastfm

Amazon Music Store

I don’t know about you, but I don’t buy music from iTunes because I’m limited in what I can do – only share it on 5 computers and only use with iTunes/iPod. I feel that if I buy music I should be able to do what I want with it – not have to burn it to a CD and then rip it from that CD as an MP3 in  [ Read More ]

My Change Mantra

We all talk about change, but what encourages you to push through the pain and fear associated with change? I have a song by the Indigo Girls that got me through a lot of tough times when I was younger and has stuck with me through the years. The song is The Wood Song. I want to share it with you. the thin horizon of a plan is almost clear  [ Read More ]

iPod Death Clock

Michael points us to the iPod Death Clock which told me that my new iPod was manufactured in November 06 and will live for another 700 days 20 hours 11 minutes 12 seconds. I think I’ll probably have upgraded before I hit D-Day.

Music & Video in Your OPAC

I just got a mailing from Syndetic Solutions that offers a product that will add music & video clips to your library catalog – just like Amazon does with you look at a CD for sale. As a law library our videos and CDs are all recordings of training sessions – but this sounds like a fun add on for a public library. If your catalog is using this let  [ Read More ]


Have a melody stuck in your head and don’t know where it’s from? Enter Musipedia. [A] searchable, editable, and expandable collection of tunes, melodies, and musical themes. Every entry can be edited by anybody. An entry can contain a bit of sheet music, a MIDI file, textual information about the work and the composer, and last but not least the Parsons Code, a rough description of the melodic contour, to  [ Read More ]

License to listen

While this idea sounds very promising – I think there are a few flaws. Maybe I should tell you the idea Last month, UD struck a deal with Ruckus, a music downloading service that now gives the university’s 20,000 students access to 1.5 million tracks, allowing them to download as much as they want with hopes of cutting down on illegal downloading on campus. But here’s the catch. Students are  [ Read More ]

Music Math from business2blog

Number of songs sold on iTunes in the past three years: 850 million. Number of songs traded on P2P file-sharing networks during the same time: 90 billion 850 million iTunes songs/ 42 million iPods = 20 songs/ iPod. Over three years that comes to people spending an average of $7 a year on music at the iTunes store. This is from the business2blog – and is very interesting. My husband  [ Read More ]

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