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No more 8apps

Well, I can’t say it’s a surprise, but 8apps has closed down. I was pretty impressed with what I saw when it launched, but every time I checked back, there were still only 4 apps … Today I visited, only to find a note saying that the site had closed because the creator was not in the mood. Oh well, I guess we can only have so many successful productivity  [ Read More ]

Via LISNews: Lynne writes: “Greetings to all librarians. I am Lynne Martin Erickson. I have been the fiscal agent for The Hollywood Librarian documentary film since 2004. I post this in the hope that librarians will respond immediately and repost widely. As many of you know, this wonderful film is the result of the tireless efforts of one person: Ann Seidl. She single-handedly raised $200,000 to make and distribute this  [ Read More ]

New Library Press Site

New from Blake Carver the man behind LISNews & LISHost: I started a new site, LISWire – The Librarian’s News Wire (, and I’m doing my best to spread the word. You can probably guess what the site is all about from the name, but there’s also 2 mailing lists, and a bunch of RSS feeds. Robin Blum and I are running the show and are looking for press releases  [ Read More ]

500 million Firefox downloads

Yesterday Mozilla announced that Firefox has been downloaded 500 million times!! Firefox just reached 500,000,000 downloads. This is an absolutely phenomenal milestone for Firefox. It is sort of hard to imagine what that number means. For some perspective, that’s roughly the audience size of 10,000 Rome Colosseums combined. It would be the weight, in kilograms, of 8,500 Boeing 747 airplanes. In dollars, for $500 million you and 15 of your  [ Read More ]

New law makes a step to save students money

Found via The Stingy Scholar: The College Opportunity and Affordability Act (H.R. 4137) includes three critical provisions to help students deal with textbook prices. First, it requires publishers to tell faculty the price of textbooks when professors are choosing books for their classes. Publishers often withhold prices from professors, hoping that cost won’t factor into their decisions – and students end up paying the price. If publishers put price on  [ Read More ]

This from a post on the NY Times Bits blog: In less than 14 months, any traditional television set still connected to its antenna will receive nothing but static, as the broadcasting industry cuts over completely to its new digital frequencies. A recent poll by the marketing arm of the cable industry shows that most people still have no clue this is going to happen. In a telephone survey in  [ Read More ]

Ads in all the wrong places

I know that money drives the world – and I know that we need money to pay for our web hosts and our programmers and such – but I’ve been pointed to two terrible examples of advertising in the wrong places. The first is PDFs – yep – now PDFs can have ads! All Publishers have to do is to upload the PDF files to an Adobe/Yahoo portal where it  [ Read More ]

eXtensible Catalog (XC) gets more funding

This sounds very promising. The eXtensible Catalog project has received more funding. I love seeing open source library apps moving forward: A $749,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to the University’s River Campus Libraries will be used toward building and deploying the eXtensible Catalog (XC), a set of open-source software applications libraries can use to share their collections. The grant money will also be used to support broad  [ Read More ]

New Mark Twain Digital Collection

I just got this via a few of my mailing lists and thought I should share with you all. I'm happy to announce that today the University of California launched the beta version of Mark Twain Project Online, a digital critical edition of the writings of Mark Twain, providing access to more than twenty-three hundred letters written between 1853 and 1880, including nearly 100 facsimiles of originals. The site is  [ Read More ]

My Times

How many homepages can one person have? There’s My Yahoo!, My Google, My … fill in the blank here. Anyway, now the NY Times wants to give you a homepage – My Times. My Times is a free service that lets you create a personalized page with what you like best in The New York Times and your favorite sites and blogs from all over the Web. This personalized service  [ Read More ]

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Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...