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Today I spent the day in the library collecting resources for my research. I saved everything to my jump drive and thought I’d go to an office store after the library to get the articles printed (the library cost $.15 a page and the office store is $.05). I looked at the websites for Office Max and Staples and chose Staples because it looked like it was cheaper and it  [ Read More ]

Yelp Makes it to the Big Time

But when can you truly say that a company has “made it?” It’s when people start hating you, of course. Sites like Yelp-Sucks and IHateYelp have been popping up, with the general theme being an angry business owner who was Yelped. Those business owners that think they must use Yelp for competitive reasons are getting frustrated over some of Yelp’s policies, and are starting to complain about it. Loudly. The  [ Read More ]


I mentioned a little while back that I was using Yelp more often recently – and that I was Yelping about libraries I had visited. This past week while I was in training, I made sure to review every place we visited and was thinking – wouldn’t it be great if more librarians were using this service to review places around their libraries and common conference locations. I’d like to  [ Read More ]

Websites that changed the world

Guardian Unlimited has a great article about the 15 sites that have changed the world. #1 is Ebay! Google doesn’t appear on the list until #13. Check it out. [read about on Download Squad]

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