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Embed Slidehare Presentations in HTML5

I am not a fan of Flash, but I see it as a necessary evil to share things like my tutorial videos and presentations on my various different sites. However it looks like that might not be the case for much longer. Slideshare has announced that they now have HTML5 embed code for presentations. As part of our transition to HTML5, we are pleased to let you know that embedded  [ Read More ]

No more Meebo?!

I don’t use Meebo regularly, I’m an Adium fan, but today Adium was acting up so I went to Meebo to try and log in to my chat clients and found that Meebo has been acquired by Google. Looking at the list of discontinued apps I noticed that it looks like pretty much everything … so I’m wondering what libraries are using these days? I know that many of you  [ Read More ]

Google and Data

Two new(ish) tools from Google make it easier to examine and organize your data. Back in November they announced Google Refine (which looks totally awesome if I do say so myself): Google Refine is a power tool for working with messy data sets, including cleaning up inconsistencies, transforming them from one format into another, and extending them with new data from external web services or other databases. Version 2.0 introduces  [ Read More ]

Mapping Friends

I’ve been on the road a lot this month and last and have had friends on Facebook and Twitter comment on my Foursquare checkins asking why I didn’t let them know I’d be in their area. Well the reason is simple – I can’t remember where everyone I’m friends with lives This is the new world of virtual relationships and for me many of these relationships are just as good  [ Read More ]

Google Maps Labs

Okay this is just sad. Apparently Google Maps has had a link to Labs since at least February, but I just noticed it today. I have used Labs before in my email and like the idea of adding new features to Google Maps – i just wish I was more observant and had seen this sooner. My favorite new feature is the ability to draw a box on the map  [ Read More ]

New Librarian Q&A Site

I received an email the other day about a proposal for a new Q&A site for librarians to communicate with each other. The explanation I got was: Stack Exchange was previously a paid service that was changed to free, and this Libraries proposal is based on an existing site operating on the old platform called Unshelved Answers. (It was created by the people behind the Unshelved library comic strip.) The  [ Read More ]

Visual Search for Flights

I have just been playing with Hipmunk – a new air travel search engine – and I have to say I’m impressed. I don’t know for sure if I’m getting the best prices (and can’t tell you that until I use it for a while) but what I am getting is a new way to visualize flights. As most of you know I travel a lot (an understatement) and sometimes  [ Read More ]

New Gmail Feature

Today I was compiling an email and saw a new link next to the attach link: If you click this new ‘Invitation’ link it opens a window to create and invite people to a Google Calendar event. Very cool! [update] More from ReadWriteWeb. [/update]

The New Zotero

Today I finished my column for the next issue of the Collaborative Librarianship Journal and in it I talk about collaborative research tools. One of those tools is Zotero and I have plenty more to share about Zotero so I thought I’d share a review of the newest version with you all. Short version of my review – Zotero Rocks!! Longer version. First, if you haven’t heard of or used  [ Read More ]

What I Learned in Europe

As many of you know I just returned from a trip to Europe. My first stop was in Bergen, Norway to meet some librarian friends and give a talk about open source at a conference. What I learned was that Bergen isn’t always freezing and that heavy coat I lugged around 2 airports was not necessary What I learned is that the friends we make online can be so very  [ Read More ]

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