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Yippeee – I don’t have a membership to ALA – I’m an SLA member and can’t carry two memberships – but I just got this news about American Libraries and sounds like I can get a few of the perks of membership for free.

  1. Our weekly e-newsletter, American Libraries Direct, is now available to anyone who wants to sign up for it, not just ALA members. The sign-up form, as well as the FAQ, is at .
  2. American Libraries has launched its own blog, AL Inside Scoop, . Editor-in-chief Leonard Kniffel offers an insider’s view of goings-on at ALA headquarters and what hot topics ALA staffers are talking about in the hallways. Associate Editor Greg Landgraf offers his perspective from “the lower floors” of what many see as the ALA ivory tower.
  3. Login is no longer required to view the current issue of the American Libraries print magazine online (in PDF format), or to view the archives, which date back to the January 2003 issue. Go directly to . First-time viewers will need to install the ebrary reader to view issues. To download, go to . Firefox 3 users installing the reader for the first time will need a workaround, , to make the ebrary reader work with their browser.

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APIs all over

Every day I feel like I’m reading about a new API being released. The newest I’ve read about it Evernote:

Launching the Service API means that third party developers can now do all sorts of innovative things with Evernote. Want to create a new Evernote client? Go for it. Want to hook Evernote into your favorite calendaring or to-do app? Knock yourself out. Of course, trust and security are very important, that’s why you will always be asked to explicitly authorize any third-party access to your account. And once you’ve authorized them, then let the good times roll. Dozens of third-party developers are already busy working with our API, so expect to see some great, and unexpected, apps soon!

More information on the API:

My message to these web service providers – keep it coming :) My message to libraries – let’s get cracking!!

[update] Wow – I just found the New York Times API too! [/update]

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Loving Geni

I started using a new family tree tool the other day and I absolutely love it!! Geni lets you socially create your family tree. This way my family can help me fill in the tree with the information I may not know. It even comes with the ability to download the GEDCOM file to use with other genealogy tools.

Here’s what it looks like for me, or you can view the public version of my immediate family:

No more free faxing with

A couple of months ago I mentioned as a way to send faxes for free over the internet – well that service is no more :(

Because of abuse to our fax service offering, we are temporarily changing the rules for our fax service for non-premium customers. Starting today, non-premium users will only be able to receive faxes. In order to send faxes, you must upgrade your drop via the purchase of a premium code (

Thanks Sam for pointing it out. I have to admit I think I saw it coming – I tried to do some faxing last week and had trouble with it.

I hate that spammers are ruining all of the good things on the web :(

Calgoo Available for Free

Calgoo has always sounded handy, but I never tried it out. Today I learned that Calgoo is now available for free – making it easier for me to give it a whirl.

Never heard of Calgoo?

Use Calgoo Hub calendar sharing to…

  • Share calendars with family, friends & work
  • Avoid embarrassing schedule conflicts
  • Keep using your own calendar program
  • Share between Outlook, iCal, Google & more!

Download Squad reports on the news:

Since the dawn of time Google Calendar, we’ve been waiting for a free, easy way to fully synchronize our Google Calendar to desktop calendar clients like iCal. We’d love to be able to access the same calendar data across multiple computers, but it’s always been a messy affair, not free, an incomplete solution, or PC only.

Well, Calgoo has been one of those paid options up until now, but the minds behind the program just announced that it is free from here on out. That’s right, Calgoo is now the free option in Google Calendar and desktop caledar synchronization. Calgoo officially supports 30 Boxes, Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, and — of course — Google Calendar.

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