Another big name online office suite

Adobe now has an online office suite. This from DownloadSquad:

Adobe has built a suite of online office applications to compliment Buzzword, the company’s online word processor. We’ve covered Buzzword in the past. It’s pretty, fast, and not really all that much more useful than similar products from Google or Zoho. Here’s a rundown of the other applications you’ll find at

  • ConnectNow: A web conferenceing tool that lets you share your desktop with others, chat, talk over a VoIP connection, or share files and mark up whiteboards.
  • Share: Selectively share files with other users. Adobe Share lets you send files to a list of contacts, and lets the recipients view PDF image, and video files online.
  • Create PDF: Seriously, do we need to tell you what this does?
  • My Files: Store and organize up to 5GB of files online.

Sounds neat – but it seems to have a small graphical issue on my computer – I think there is a menu across the top of the homepage, but it’s cut off.

I’ll probably give these tools a test before my next Office 2.0 class :)

No more 8apps

Well, I can’t say it’s a surprise, but 8apps has closed down. I was pretty impressed with what I saw when it launched, but every time I checked back, there were still only 4 apps …

Today I visited, only to find a note saying that the site had closed because the creator was not in the mood.

Oh well, I guess we can only have so many successful productivity tools out there.

Google Sites for All

Back in February I bookmarked Google Sites, but didn’t write about it because it was only available via Google Apps (which I get to use at work). Today I read that Google Sites is now available to all!

A few months ago, Google launched Google Sites, a hosted wiki product built on JotSpot technology. But until this week, Google Sites was only available to Google Apps users, which basically meant you needed to have your own domain name to set up a wiki. Now Google is opening Google Sites up to everyone.

You can sign up by logging into Google Sites using your Google ID, or by registering for a new free account. Your page will be created at If you want a custom domain, you can still sign up for the service through Google Apps.

I’m using Google Sites for several work sites and it’s a pretty darn handy tool. That said it seems to have a couple of downsides:

  1. When logged into my sites it logs me out of my docs
  2. There is a few missing levels of permissions, I want to be able to let people comment, but not edit pages
  3. It allows you to embed Google Docs (very cool) but then they’re not full text searchable.

I’m sure Google is working on upgrading this tool, so it’s well worth taking a look at for your organization’s shared site.

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Fun Domains

I always look at the new web 2.0 type domains (, etc) and think – how the heck did they come up with that? Now, those of us that are a bit less creative can still come up with neat domains for our new sites:

DomainFinder is a web application for webmasters which helps you to find fun domain name. For example, if you type Beta tester, DomainFinder will suggest you “”!

Thanks DownloadSquad for pointing this neat tool out.

Faxing via the Web

When I started working at home I realized how inconvenient it was to not have a fax machine (we don’t have a land line – but our printer can fax…). I spent ages searching for a fax tool that would let me do everything with PDFs online. Today I find a link to fax on Lifehacker. itself is a pretty neat service: enables you to create simple private exchange points called “drops.”

The service has no email signup and no “accounts.” Each drop is private, and only as accessible as you choose to deliberately make it. Create multiple drops, add any type of media, and share or subscribe as you want. To make a drop just click the big red button that says ‘drop it’

Adding fax, just makes it that much cooler!

You can now fax documents directly into and directly out of your drop, for free.

No more fax machines, or expensive online fax services. Faxing just shouldn’t be that hard – and it should be free. With it is both easy and free.

More on Evernote

I have written a bunch about this handy tool – most recently I was happy to announce that a version for Mac was released. Now I’ve been pointed to an article about Evernote on Machinist.

Evernote is a forgetter’s dream, but the tool isn’t only for those of us gone mushy in the brain. In the same way that GPS forever changed our relationship to physical spaces, the permanent, constant archiving of both the monumental and the mundane in life will surely alter how each of us navigates the social realm. During a recent interview, I asked Libin whom he considers his target market. In the mode of a TV pitchman, he answered, “Everyone wants a better memory.” And yet this makes sense: Everyone forgets, and Evernote makes it so you never have to.

Read more…

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Photoshop Express

I just found out about Photoshop Express and had to sign right up. You can see my page at

Upload, sort, polish, and store up to 2GB of photos. All for free. Resize, tint, distort, and more — add your mark to all your images. Then show them off on Adobe® Photoshop® Express or your Facebook page.

Sounds pretty handy – I’ll have to give it a whirl tomorrow.