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Code4Lib 2008: Open Library

In his presentation, Building the Open Library, Aaron Swartz introduced us to his vision of an online library. In his vision, like Brewster’s, he sees a wiki with one page for every book. For this reason, the small group (6 people spread out around the world) is starting their project with monographs. To achieve this feat, the team is using their own database framework called ThingDB: ThingDB stores a collection  [ Read More ]

Code4Lib 2008: The Internet Archive

What a great way to open a conference like Code4Lib. The first keynote was presented by Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive. Brewster started by reminding us that the reason he was there talking to us and the reason he is working on the Internet Archive is because the library metaphor easily translates to the Internet – as librarians we’re paid to give stuff away! We work in a $12  [ Read More ]

I want to preface this by saying I will probably never ever need to use this tool – but it was really awesome sounding so I wanted to share it with you all! Hilary Spencer from Nature came to talk at the NFAIS meeting about Nature Precedings and Nature Network. Nature Precedings allows scientists to post pre and post publication research papers and presentations to share with the community. It  [ Read More ]

Open Access Part Two

Looks like part two of the podcast I mentioned yesterday is just the questions & answers portion (which is included in part one as well). So, nothing else to report. Technorati Tags: open access

Amazing Open Access Podcast

Today I’ve been listening to (and haven’t finished yet) the Open Access Podcast by Gavin Yamey at MediaBerkman. What an amazing talk – can’t wait to listen to Part two. While we all have probably made the argument for Open Access to knowledge before, Gavin’s talk really renewed my excitement about it. The best part – well, one of the best parts – of his presentation was that copyright was  [ Read More ]

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