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OSS: A SWOT Analysis

Our closing keynote was Eric Lease Morgan – I’ve read a ton of his articles, but have never seen him in person. Eric started with a history of him. He has been ‘kinda sorta’ writing code since 1996 1976. While driving taxi after college, he discovered his first ‘itch.’ He wanted to know how much he was earning, so he wrote a computer program that gave him all kinds of  [ Read More ]

Each One Teach One at EVG10

Jennifer Bielewski and Jenny Liberatore from Lyrasis gave the Each One Teach One talk. They started by telling us the most important thing is to tell your attendees what the outcomes of the workshop will be – what will they learn in this workshop? We were then introduced to the SMART Training Objectives: Specific Be specific about what people will be learning in the workshop. Without buy-in you won’t be  [ Read More ]

SCLENDS & Evergreen

SCLENDS is a consortium of libraries in South Carolina and their talk was next up on my agenda. While it was a panel, Rogan did most of the talking and started with some background info on South Carolina: 2008 population was 4,479,800, there are 46 counties and 2 public library consortium. In June of 2008 they started evaluating their ILS, they didn’t have any major concerns with their current system,  [ Read More ]

KCLS Enhancements to Evergreen

Jed Moffit, Bill Erikson and Matt Carlson were up during our lunch to talk to us about the developments that were coming up from KCLS. Jed says that we have to have something in the new developments that is better than ‘sucks less technology.’ He is hoping that these developments will be genuinely of value to all of us. Matt was up next and started with a history. He said  [ Read More ]

Evergreen Acquisitions Roundup

Bill Erickson started his Acquisitions roundup by showing us ‘Selection Lists’ – this is a concept I’m unfamiliar with. It’s basically a list of items you want to perform actions on. So you can create a list of items to order and then order from it – but you don’t have to – you can order items individually if you want. From a bib record you can choose to ‘show/create  [ Read More ]

KCLS & Evergreen

Bill Ptacek from the King County Library System (KCLS) was our keynote with his talked entitled “From Singing the Blues to the Birth of Cool.” KCLS serves 1.7 million people in the county where many large (many tech) companies live – Microsoft, Nintendo, Boeing, Amazon and Amgen. In addition to housing these major companies, King County is home to lots and lots of coffee (Starbucks on every corner). There are  [ Read More ]

State of Evergreen

Bob Molyneux was up next with the ‘State of Evergreen’ talk. Dec 1999 PINES goes live with 26 systems, 98 outlets People would actually pass over their local library to go to a PINES library instead. So PINES grew because librarians saw their patrons leaving for libraries that belonged to PINES. June 2004 Lamar Veatch commits the Georgia Public Library Service to a one year test of an open source  [ Read More ]

Evergreen Developers Update

The perfect start: “1.6.04 – it’s out – it fixes bugs!” 1.6.1 will be the next major revision release, driven mainly by the need for a booking and reservation system by one of the Evergreen libraries (I didn’t catch the name). Also, courtesy of Dan Scott, a patron password reset function via email. And of course all of the bug fixes since 1.6.0. After 1.6.1 will be 2.0 (late summer  [ Read More ]

VALENJ: PINES & the Evergreen Open Source ILS

Elizabeth McKinney de Garcia, Program Director of Georgia PINES talked to us about how PINES decided to develop their own open-source ILS, Evergreen. Georgia PINES is made up of 49 public library systems which equates to 275 facilities and bookmobiles sharing a joint bibliographic database of nearly 9 million books. About PINES The PINES library card is free to residents of Georgia and can be used at any PINES library  [ Read More ]

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Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...