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How Search Works

As a trainer I like sites like this new one from Google that show you how stuff works. How Search Works goes in to a lot of detail about how search engines work. I thought it might be a useful resource for those of you who teach web searching workshops in your libraries – or just a cool site to check out if you’re the curious type! On the site  [ Read More ]

Voter Info on Google

I was looking for my local voting info on Google and found that they had a handy section just for that. Checkout the Google Voter Information page and get all the info you need for tomorrow.

Getting Content out of Google

I was recently reminded of Google’s Takeout service by ReadWriteWeb’s guide to getting your YouTube videos back from Google and thought I should point this tool out to you all. Google Takeout is a product of the Data Liberation Front: The Data Liberation Front is an engineering team at Google whose singular goal is to make it easier for users to move their data in and out of Google products.  [ Read More ]

Google Search Shortcuts

Lifehacker has two articles with shortcuts for Google searches, 20 in the first article and 10 more in the second. One of the tips (that I missed the first time around) was on how to find flight status, which I wrote about here a little while ago. Another cool one is the ability to track your packages from the Google search box! Paste the tracking number of a shipment from  [ Read More ]

Power Searching with Google

I have to admit I haven’t gone through this course yet, but I thought I should let you all know about it so that you can learn how to become a Google Power Searcher. These videos are from a course offered by Google on how to use their search engine. Google Search makes it amazingly easy to find information. Come learn about the powerful advanced tools we provide to help  [ Read More ]

Why can’t library searches be this simple?

Time for a rant – and I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but why the heck does it have to be so hard to find things in libraries?? Yesterday my husband was traveling and he was worried that he’d miss his connection so while he was on the ground but not at the gate I wanted to find out where his next gate was. I decided to try  [ Read More ]

Google to buy Frommer’s?

This from The Next Web: Word on the street via The Wall Street Journal is that Google is acquiring the Frommer’s brand of travel guides for an undisclosed amount in order to beef up its travel-planning searches. What remains to be see is whether Frommer’s will continue to have paper guides published, or whether the entire product will go digital. I am a huge huge fan of Frommer’s books and actually  [ Read More ]

New Google Calculator

This is kinda neat. I have used Google as a calculator before by typing math in to the search box, but now when you do that you get a calculator where you can perform more operations. If that’s not cool enough for you try doing a voice search on Google … yup, that’s right, the calculator is also voice activated! Found via TechCrunch.

New feed search engine

I just read about Feedmil on DownloadSquad and thought I’d give it a whirl. It’s a feed search engine with some interesting little levers you can move about to alter your search results. I tried a search for libraries and well-known and a bunch of actually well-known library blogs came up. I then searched for open source and found some neat sites that I didn’t know about before. Looks like  [ Read More ]

Search by Color on Google

This morning I was looking for a bit of art for my (soon) newly decorated bathroom. I was looking for a tile art piece that I know I’ve seen before – something that is made of blue glass or plastic. What I didn’t see was that Google Image Search has a new color option to limit your search by! I could have used that – and will be using it  [ Read More ]

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