LibraryThing adds another neat feature

LibraryThing is now using the Google Book Search API and is providing users with a way to search within their books (if they’re part of Google’s collection):

The official Google Blog and the Inside Book Search Blog just announced the new Google Book Search API, with LibraryThing as one of the first implementors. (The others are libraries; I’ll be posting about what they’ve done over on Thingology.)

In sum, LibraryThing now links to Google Books for book scans—full or partial—and book information.

This is a pretty neat addition!! I’ll have to check it out in a year when I’m not so busy!

Learn more.

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Flight info from Google

I’m not sure I would have even thought to try this – but it’s pretty darn cool:

Alert! Cool Googlosity Feature! On a hunch, I just typed the carrier name and number of Margaret’s plane flight into the Google search box, and Google correctly parsed that data and offered as the first search result a link to the actual status page for that flight — but on the search results page, it also listed the flight’s origin, destination, scheduled departure and arrival times, and its present status — right there atop Google results page one, no messing with airlines’ arcane “enter this data into that box and click the following agreements, and by the way what’s your credit card number, your flight club number, and an email address at which we can harass you for the rest of the internet’s lifetime.”

Now that I’ll be flying a bit more – this is probably a good tip for my friends and family.

Found via Everything is Miscellaneous.

New Addition to Google

It looks like Google is experimenting with a Digg-like search over at Google Labs (info found via TechCrunch)

The new search would let logged in users sort/rate their search results:

This experiment lets you influence your search experience by adding, moving, and removing search results. When you search for the same keywords again, you’ll continue to see those changes. If you later want to revert your changes, you can undo any modifications you’ve made. Note that this is an experimental feature and may be available for only a few weeks.

These results will not only let you move things – but it will let you suggest a better result and put that at the top of your results list. This info will be personalized to you (hence the fact that you have to be logged in). Sounds like it might be interesting to try out – but probably not something I’d bother using on a regular basis. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Learn more here (includes a diagram).

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No GPS Needed

How neat is this?

Lost drivers soon will be able to Google for help at the pump. As part of a partnership to be announced Wednesday, the online search leader will dispense driving directions at thousands of gasoline pumps across the United States beginning early next month.

Instead of fighting with your significant other about who has to go in and ask for directions from the dubious looking gas attendant, you can now access Google Maps right from the pump – well not now but eventually!

Prejudice is bad

I have to admit that I’m prejudiced against Microsoft. I got rid of my hotmail account ages ago and haven’t looked back. I’ve used nearly every major search engine but and didn’t even realize that Microsoft had redesigned their search page or that they offered so many search options.

This is why prejudice is bad – actually has a pretty nifty book search. It’s a bit different from Google’s and I’m liking it. They also have an academic search (comparable to Google Scholar).

Long story short … don’t be prejudice … you might miss some useful tools!

Another Survey: Libraries & Mega-Internet Sites

Via Web4Lib:

Primary Research Group is planning to publish a survey of library use of and relations with mega-internet sites such as Google, Yahoo, Ebay, My Space, YouTube and others. Academic, public, and special libraries are eligible. This is an international survey open to libraries of all countries. Data is aggregated and not broken out by specific library. Participants receive a free PDF copy of the estimated 100-page report. Data is broken out by type and size of institution for easier benchmarking. To take the 40-question survey, follow the link below:

More on Google Presentations

I mentioned how nifty Google Presentations was a couple of weeks ago, but last night I found a flaw. I was on a conference call with a few colleagues who I’ll be presenting with later this month and we were using this tool to edit our presentation. One of the people on the phone wanted to send us a link so he posted it in the chat window attached to the presentation when you’re playing it – but we couldn’t click or copy this link. In the end we had to type it out the old fashioned way – but that seems like a bit of a downside if you’re using this tool to host a webinar of sorts.

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Google Street Views – New Locations

Back when street view was released for Google, I was hiding my head in 100 books, but I did bookmark the announcement. Now, Download Squad has pointed out that Google now has 6 new locations on street view – including Philadelphia! I could have used that a couple of weeks ago when I got turned around coming out of the subway and walked 6 blocks in the wrong direction!!

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Google Transit

This is a nifty new tool if you live in (or are visiting) one of the few areas that Google has maps for. Google Transit lets you plan itineraries using public transportation in 19 locations in the U.S. and all of Japan. Here’s a sample using the examples in Oregon posted on the Transit search page.

Pretty nifty, but since the cities I visit (Philadelphia, D.C., & New York) are not on this list it’s not useful to me yet.

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Campus Explorer

I just read about this beta site via Sites & Soundbytes. The tagline for CampusExplorer is “School Search Made Smart” and I totally agree. I have been trying to help my husband find a master’s program near our new home for special ed. Most sites just let you search by state – but if you don’t know the area you’re moving to then searching by state is useless because you don’t know what towns are near you. This site lets you search down to the zip code!! Now, it’s missing only one thing – the option to narrow by Masters degree :)