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Computer Books Cheap

Bookpool is having an O’Reilly sale – get your computer books cheap while the sale lasts. I just placed an order for 3 – I had to cut back from the 7 I had in my cart

I have found some pretty neat gift ideas I want to share with you all. BibliochaseThe Bibliochaise is an armchairlibrary for who likes to be immersed in deep reading. It contains 5 linear metres of books and thanks to a special fitting structure is easily disassembled. Kiss Me I’m A Librarian T-ShirtOr any of the other great gift ideas at TeaseCatalog Men of TLA CalendarI mentioned this earlier – but  [ Read More ]

Okay Girls This Is For You!

And guys who love to shop I just read on Techcrunch about the Likeness search – – from Riya. The reason I say this is for girls – well – look at the example that Techcrunch uses. You no longer have to scour the web to find that accessory you’ve been dying for – you can now search for it. When I was looking for my wedding dress, I  [ Read More ]

Mis-spelled Auctions

I just read about Missing-Auctions on Library Stuff. Every day thousands of items are listed on auction sites around the world containing spelling mistakes such as ‘comuter’, ‘coomputer’ or ‘c0mputer’ instead of ‘computer’. Because these items don’t appear in the regular search results less people bid on them so they sell for a lot less. … Now you can easily find these mis-spelled auctions and grab yourself a bargain! Fun!  [ Read More ]

Another Book Sale Finder

Last week I wrote about Book Sale Scout and then I found out about Book Sale Finder. Both are pretty handy. Personally, I like that Book Sale Scout better it lets you search for sales – it also lets you list your sales for free. I still think that both need some serious design help. The ads are overwhelming on Book Sale Finder and on Book Sale Scout they don’t  [ Read More ]

What headset do you use?

After my post about the Library Geeks podcast I thought about it and I really should buy a headset – so I want recommendations. What ones are you using and which do you like? I’ve heard some podcast interviews where I have to fast forward through a specific speaker because they’re so darn quiet – I don’t want to be that person I got one recommendation from someone at work  [ Read More ]

Find Library Book Sales

There is a new site I just read about on ResourceShelf – Book Sale Scout. On first look I didn’t really want to explore much further – the design is severely lacking (a point that I emailed to the owners) – but I’m glad I did browse on. Using this service, you can find bookstores are libraries in your areas! What a great way to support libraries and find cheap  [ Read More ]

Getting angry

I have been trying to buy my textbooks for classes for the last 3 weeks, but Drexel does not make it easy – in fact they make it down-right difficult. First of all they “require” you to buy your books from their bookstore – how? Well you search for your class and section (using the most idiotic interface ever) and then you see the required texts – but you don’t  [ Read More ]

Word of the Day: Shopcast

You’ve heard of webcasting, podcasting – and a few others – but have you heard of Shopcasting? I just learn about a new site called ThisNext from the Business 2.0 Blog. ThisNext is a shopcasting network where you can recommend, share and discover great products. But what is Shopcasting? It's a product playlist — a way to recommend to other people things that make life better. It's a way to  [ Read More ]


I know that there are other similar services out there – but this is the only one I’ve played with. GiftHat lets you create and share a wishlist – the best thing is that you can import your Amazon wishlist right into their database. There are a few features I’d like to see. They show the list price instead of the Amazon price (which is always less). I’d like to  [ Read More ]

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