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Usability and User Testing

Most of you know that I teach WordPress classes for libraries. One of the things that I always have trouble with is teaching plugins. There are so many different plugins out there and they all work differently. Some you install and that’s it, some you install and have to set up, some have their own control panel and others put their menus under Settings or Tools. It’s hard to explain  [ Read More ]

How to not do support

Disclaimer: I work for a support company so I might be biased in saying this – but we are way better at support than Pinterest is. David Lee King summarized his support experience with Pinterest. Pinterest was messing up links from his catalog so he thought he’d try support. My first attempt wasn’t a good one. I submitted my ticket, and was immediately sent a link to the “here’s how  [ Read More ]

There is a such thing as too many details

David Lee King posted this great photo a while back with the following summary: So … doesn’t everyone know how to cross the road when there’s a crosswalk sign? I mean really – you push the button and wait for the signal to walk … right? This is pretty simple stuff, and it really doesn’t need four lines of text and two different voice recordings to help you successfully get  [ Read More ]

NJLA – Why we borrow

This morning started with Paco Underhill, Founder, CEO, and President of Envirosell, Inc., a global research and consulting firm. His keynote was amazing!! I just couldn’t stop writing and I hope I got all of the best points he made down. Paco started by explaining why his books exist = “13 years ago i fell in love with the wrong woman – a premier flutist – she worked every night  [ Read More ]

OPAC review from a non-librarian

Yesterday I had an interesting chat with my sister about library catalogs. We were talking about the post I made regarding IM & SMS and whether librarians should skip over IM and move on to SMS? I told her about the fact that card catalogs are still being used and she replied with “Well, I’d rather use a card catalog, it was much easier to find things that way.” This  [ Read More ]

URL Shortening Services

I use TinyURL all of the time to shorten long URLs, but did you know that there are 90+ other tools out there that do the very same thing?? This list was found via the I want to blog.

Just Ask – So Simple!

Thanks to Judith for pointing out Kathy’s editorial from the most recent issue of CIL. “In the library world, many processes are still done the way they were years ago. The old adage ‘because we’ve always done it that way’ still holds sway, and entangled layers of bureaucracy can make real change incredibly slow, if no impossible. But as I preach in keynotes and workshops while I’m wearing my other  [ Read More ]

Do we give them enough credit?

I don’t know the answer to this, but it seems to me that people all over feel that undergrads today have no idea how to use the library or library resources. I got the impression from an attendee at the NFAIS Humanities Rountable last month that he felt that students were too lazy or that they just didn’t understand real research. Then at my training class on Friday an attendee  [ Read More ]

Patrons’ Frustrations

I just had a short chat with a friend about the catalog at her local library. They used to have a terrible system that didn’t seem to work at all and now they’ve put Aquabrowser on top of it: [09:47] Friend: *sigh* [09:47] Friend: catalogs are so finicky! [09:47] Nicole: yep [09:47] Nicole: what’s the matter now? [09:47] Friend: sheesh [09:48] Friend: i just want a listing of the books  [ Read More ]

Studying Students

Right now I’m reading a book (for review) entitled The Academic Library and the Net Generation. In the introduction, Susan Gibbons talks about a study done at Rochester of how the library is used. I was excited and thought the book was going to be about that! When I realized it wasn’t, I went on a hunt for results from the study. Today, Roy pointed me to the very report  [ Read More ]

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