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Cataloging for the Users

I’m not quite as offended as Chris Schwartz is about the statements made by Chris Oliver in her Changing to RDA article – maybe because I haven’t read it – or the RDA draft, but I wanted to chime in anyway Chris Oliver says: The standard is designed to be easy to use and to generate records that contain data that is relevant and important to users. And Chris Schwartz  [ Read More ]

Understanding our Students

Remember this video? Almost every Web 2.0 talk starts with this video now. Thanks to Stephen I now know that this professor has put together more videos. Information Revolution A Vision of Students Today (This is the latest and it’s awesome! A MUST SEE VIDEO. I lve the creation process too.) Other videos are available at the Moving Forward pages. I just watched A Vision of Students Today and while  [ Read More ]

Territorial Thinking

…[C]an we ever break the boundaries of departmental self-interest? The Reference department has one perspective, while Circulation has another; Systems/IT has their agenda, while Cataloging has another"”and so on. I've worked in several large academic libraries and this territorial thinking seems to be universal. If each department perceives the "user experience" differently than how can we ever truly be user-centered? This from Brian at Designing Better Libraries. Brian, I have  [ Read More ]

Free Webcast: Understanding Users

There is a SirsiDynix Institute that sounds pretty interesting on the 2nd of October. I have an appointment in the AM, so I probably won’t be able to attend , but you can: At the Elbow: Understanding Users’ Perception of Process and Effort Presented by: Ulla de Stricker "”Consultant, de Stricker Associates Date : Oct 02, 2007 Start Time : 11 a.m. Eastern A key step in designing any user  [ Read More ]

Anger Drives Innovation

I’m catching up on my podcasts (mostly because I had to take the train into the city today) and I got to listen to a great IT Conversation with Jeff Bonforte from Yahoo!. Jeff starts out by telling us that anger is the most untapped emotion in start ups and innovation – and that’s unfortunate because he feels that it’s the most important emotion. How does this apply to libraries?  [ Read More ]

The Fear is Worse than the Reality

Richard Wallis has a post at Panlibus about an article found via the BBC regarding the Open Library project. My favorite quote: As with the rest of society, the fear of something nasty happening can be far more corrosive that the possibility of it happening. Maybe I should give you a little bit of background. This was in response to comments by Stephen Bury, head of European and American Collections  [ Read More ]

Tune Your News

David Weinberger makes an interesting point (and teaches me something new). I’ ve been showing a screen capture of USA Today’s redesigned site. It includes a button you can click on to give a Digg-like thumbs up to an article. Great, except, um, where’s the thumb down? We want to be able to say to the Britney or Justin or We-Should-Teach-Our-Students-Judo article “No no no no no no no no.”  [ Read More ]

After his talk for the PALINET & Library Connect event yesterday, Jonathan Clark of Elsevier came over to me and said, “You were nodding a lot, does that mean you liked the talk?” It was (for me) the best talk of the day!! Jonathan talked about user-centered design and how it has been used at Elsevier. It’s important to note that most of us can’t afford to do some of  [ Read More ]

In The Library Of Misshelved Books

I’m still reading The Long Tail – and hoping to finish it today since the next term starts tomorrow – no more reading for fun Last night before bed, I was reading the section that starts on page 156 titled In the Library of Misshelved Books. I was reading so many great things that I had to go get my post-its so I could mark these pages to mention to  [ Read More ]

Intranet != Design

I just read this great quote on the Intranet Blog: An intranet is about 20% technology, 80% people and process. To change or redesign the intranet has in fact little to do with design, and everything to do with change management. This is very very important for library web managers to understand. You can copy all of the neat little things I did for our intranet – but it won’t  [ Read More ]

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