What should I be reading?

I’m sure (if anyone is still reading this site) that you’ve noticed that I haven’t been writing recently. I had a rough patch there for a couple years with my health and surgeries and writing a book and traveling all over the world … but things are finally settled and I’m ready to get back in to the swing of things!

My hip replacement in September was the best thing I could have done! I’m without pain and able to act my age finally! After that I was promoted at work which has allowed me to cut down on travel. And finally, a couple weeks ago I sent the final edited version of the galley for The Accidental Systems Librarian 2d to Information Today.

So, now I must admit that I am a bit out of touch and need help from you all to know what blogs I should be subscribed to. What should I be reading on the web to keep up with current technology and technology issues in libraries? Share your favorites with me in the comments. I have cleared out my Google Reader and am ready to start repopulating it.

WordPress Plugins I’ve Used

This week I taught a workshop in FL for PLAN on WordPress. I was asked what Plugins I use/recommend so I thought I should share a list. I went through all of my sites and grabbed the link from the plugins page that said ‘Visit Plugin Site,’ but I recommend searching the WordPress Plugins database for these and installing them from there.

Depending on the type of site I use all of the following on my WordPress sites:

Speeding up WordPress Dashboard

Time for me to look to all of you for some help. I run many WordPress sites (this one included). All of them have the W3 Total Cache plugin installed to try and improve performance a bit. On this site though, my dashboard can take up to a minute to load up no matter what I do. I’m looking for tips on optimizing WordPress dashboards so that maybe I can write posts a bit more efficiently in the future.

Things I have tried:

  • Deleting unused plugins
  • Deactivating plugins I don’t need
  • Using a premium theme (which may or may not be the problem)
  • And W3 Total Cache (which I already mentioned)

I’m thinking that the slowness may be from the Google Analytics Dashboard plugin I’m using, but I do have that installed on all of my sites and this is the only one with the super slow dashboard.

Feel free to give me some ideas.

Free version of TypePad Available

So, you all know I’m a strong WordPress supporter – and you may not know – but I’m no real fan of TypePad because it seems so restrictive for my purposes. That said, I have friends who do like and use TypePad and the point of this site is to share things I learned – and today I learned that there is now a free version of TypePad called TypePad Micro. So if you want to use TypePad you may want to check out the TypePad by using TypePad Micro.

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Twitter Trending

I logged into Twitter today to find a new box on the right side of my screen:

This new option allows for you to see what topics people that are local to you are talking about on Twitter. I think it would be great if I could enter in my zip code (or postal code for those in other countries) – but as a start you can choose your city or country.

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Re-Tweet from Twitter

Twitter is beta testing a new re-tweet (RT) feature.

Announcing new Twitter Feature

On first look, it’s pretty neat, but it’s missing an important feature – the ability to add your comments to the RT. This morning I saw a cute post by a library geek dad I know, it was a link to a T-shirt that I thought other geek dad’s might want to see – but the tweet said “I’m so getting this” so when I re-tweeted it looked like I (not a dad) wanted the shirt.

My RT Example

I’m also not seeing my RTs on the my Twitter homepage or in Adium – I only see them on my profile page on Twitter – which may be because the feature is still in beta – but at the same time, how do I really RT and share with my friends?? Hopefully this will all become more clear as I play some more.

Sharing in Google Reader

I’ve been pretty vocal about not liking Google Reader and not wanting to switch, but I have also been open to going back to it once in a while to see if it has been improved. I do see some neat changes, but I still can’t figure out how to solve 3 issues that really bug me.

  1. I see that I can grab a blogroll for each folder, but not of everything I subscribe to. With Bloglines I am able to share my subscriptions with a simple URL (www.bloglines.com/public/talia679) or by putting a blogroll on my site.
  2. It still says that I have 1000+ things to read – why??? Is it so hard to just give me the darn number??
  3. I can’t figure out how to customize what feeds show on the reader homepage, I want to put my favorites on my homepage for easy reading.

WordPress Hacks

I’m a huge fan of WordPress – it’s what I tell everyone to use for their websites if possible. Now, Smashing Magazine has an awesome post with 10 WordPress Hacks to try out on the comments section of your WordPress blog.

Comments sections are neglected on many blogs. That is definitely a bad thing, because comments represent interaction between you and your readers. In this article, we’ll have a look at 10 great tips and hacks to enhance your blog’s comments section and give it the quality it deserves.

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Twitter for Libraries

I have been asked to give a few workshops on the value of Twitter to libraries and librarians. So far, I have collected a series of articles and guides and wanted to share the list with you all.

Please feel free to recommend other links I should read or share with my students.

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Libraries populate the Twitterverse

Librarian (and library) twitterers have been recognized by BookSeller.com:

Libraries are seizing on Twitter, the micro-blogging phenomenon, as a new way to reach out to users and to network with colleagues and the wider book trade.

An estimated 40-plus individual libraries and library services, including Manchester, Devon, Bradford, Edinburgh, Westminster and Leeds are now making use of the site. Many individual librarians are also choosing to register.

Very cool!

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