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Zemanta – New Must Have Plugin!

Today I went to Pres4Lib and during the break out on Creative Commons content, we learned about Zemanta from John LeMasney. Zemanta is a plugin for FF that integrates itself into your blog posting and emails and maybe more – and it finds content based on what you’re writing about for you to add to enhance your writing. Finding content was never this easy No matter what you’re writing about:  [ Read More ]

Why WordPress?

I taught a class earlier this week where I told the participants that we were going to use WordPress to create a website. One question I got way why WordPress over Blogger? My answer was personal preference – but now I have some really great reasons for why WordPress over Blogger. If you’re using a blogging package to create your entire website – then you can’t use Blogger because Blogger  [ Read More ]

Publish your blog on the Kindle

I found this on TechCrunch yesterday: One of the neat little sub-features of Amazon’s Kindle is being able to subscribe to blogs on it. You have to pay for the privilege, but for heavy Kindle users, it makes sense as you can get the content delivered to you wirelessly for your favorite blogs. You know, like TechCrunch. But the biggest limiting factor of this so far is that only the  [ Read More ]

New feed search engine

I just read about Feedmil on DownloadSquad and thought I’d give it a whirl. It’s a feed search engine with some interesting little levers you can move about to alter your search results. I tried a search for libraries and well-known and a bunch of actually well-known library blogs came up. I then searched for open source and found some neat sites that I didn’t know about before. Looks like  [ Read More ]

Finally Twitter Returns to Adium

I was pretty darn upset when Twitter sacked its IM service, but this from ReadWriteWeb: Popular Mac multi-service IM software Adium will include sophisticated support for Twitter in its next version, Adium has announced on its blog. Instant messaging access has been shut off for months and isn’t coming back any time soon, the company confirmed in October, but Adium has built its own system. I can’t wait!!! Technorati Tags:  [ Read More ]

Uses for WordPress

I am a huge WordPress fan. I use it for all of my blogs (except SLA-IT – which I have no control over) and I use it for all of my friends who want to set up their own websites. So, when I saw this post for 11 Non-Traditional Uses of WordPress I had to share it with you all. Check it out and see if you can use WordPress  [ Read More ]

Blogs & Scholarship – Survey

Just got this via email and wanted to share it with you all: If you are a tenure-track (or tenured) librarian at a college or university, you are invited to participate in a research study conducted by Arthur Hendricks from Portland State University, Branford Price Millar Library. I hope to learn what your library’s policies are regarding blogging, scholarship and promotion. The survey is at and the deadline is  [ Read More ]

Libraries that Twitter

Yesterday I taught a workshop on Mashups for Libraries, during which we got to talking about Twitter because I showed them I mentioned that I knew libraries were using Twitter, but I couldn’t name any off the top of my head. Today I find this amazing list by Lindy over at Circulation. Check it out and see which libraries are already using Twitter. Technorati Tags: twitter

Missed Blog Birthday

It looks like I missed my blog’s birthday! How did I do that? Well, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately with everything I’ve been doing. Anyway, my first post was in November of 2005 – so that makes this blog 3 years old. Happy Belated Birthday!

Menus in WordPress 2.7

Wow!  It has taken me a while to figure out how to find all of the tools in the new WordPress with the new layout.  Overall, I’m pretty darn pleased with the upgrade!! Plus, it has built in ‘Automatic Upgrade’ so that all upgrades will be easier from here on out. If you’ve upgraded and find it hard to find all of your tools and menus, you can give Ozh  [ Read More ]

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