Digsby Goes Open Source


Digsby is an instant message client with a pretty nice interface. I wasn’t using it in the past because I wanted to go with an open source alternative and I was liked Adium. That said, TechCrunch is reporting that Digsby has gone open source and so I might have to try it out again!

The move gives a new lease of life to Digsby, which integrates different messaging and email clients into a single, unified view.

If you’d like to get access to the source code you can visit GitHub.

No more Meebo?!


I don’t use Meebo regularly, I’m an Adium fan, but today Adium was acting up so I went to Meebo to try and log in to my chat clients and found that Meebo has been acquired by Google. Looking at the list of discontinued apps I noticed that it looks like pretty much everything … so I’m wondering what libraries are using these days? I know that many of you had Meebo widgets on your pages to facilitate chat reference. What have you replaced it with?

Finally Twitter Returns to Adium

I was pretty darn upset when Twitter sacked its IM service, but this from ReadWriteWeb:

Popular Mac multi-service IM software Adium will include sophisticated support for Twitter in its next version, Adium has announced on its blog. Instant messaging access has been shut off for months and isn’t coming back any time soon, the company confirmed in October, but Adium has built its own system.

I can’t wait!!!

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Less need for Twitter

I know I have talked about Twitter’s lack of IM support a lot lately, but this may be the end of my ranting. Today I read that FriendFeed has IM support!

Now the question is – do I want/need to keep using Twitter? So many of my friends are using it and I do have a lot of followers and follow a many people myself – I’d hate to miss out on something by leaving Twitter, but at the same time I’m tired of supporting a site that doesn’t do what I really want.

I’m open to suggestions – what are you all doing? To make your decision check out this guide to using FriendFeed over IM – I’m heading off to set it up!

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Why use Twitter?

I started using Twitter at a conference because I figured out how to get updates via IM. I use Adium and with this one tool I can log into my work Gtalk, personal Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo, Facebook and Meebo Rooms – why would I use anything else? Since Twitter crashed a few months ago IM has been down – but they’ve said it was coming back – now it has been disabled and is not coming back (or at least not any time soon). This is aggravating because it means I need to install another tool to Twitter or use the web interface – which makes me ask – why Twitter?

I’d love to say I’m going to stop using Twitter, but then I’d feel like I was missing out on something. So many of my online friends and colleagues are using Twitter and it’s a good way to get quick updates from them. I don’t have an answer really – I’m just ranting because these services get you hooked and then take away features :(

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Love me Some Adium

I’m a poet and didn’t even know it :) Seriously though, Adium has released version 1.3 and if you’re a Mac user you need this IM Client!! I’ve been using the beta for a while, but if you weren’t brave like me you may not know that Adium now supports Facebook chat and so much more! This from Read Write Web:

Highlights include the addition of Facebook chat to the list of options and a new search bar that lets you quickly find anyone on a long list of contacts.

This incredibly customizable program lets you chat seamlessly across almost every IM network you can think of – the absence of interoperability becomes almost inconsequential after you sign up for an account on each service and tell Adium to log in to each. We are very excited about the upgrade.

And thank you Read Write Web for pointing me to Adium Xtras – I’m going to have a lot of fun here!!

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The Twitter Exodus

At first I didn’t see a point to using Twitter – mainly because I don’t pay for text messaging on my phone and I didn’t want to visit the Twitter site on a regular basis. Then I started working from home and had IM open all day. Twitter’s IM functionality was very handy and so I jumped on board.

For a while now, Twitter’s IM functionality has been disabled – but now I don’t want to lose touch and so I find myself visiting the Twitter site. The questions is – how much longer are we all going to put up with this nonsense?

The answer is – not much longer! There is a general exodus going on (at least among my friends). People are switching to using FriendFeed over Twitter.

Now, while FriendFeed is awesome – and well worth checking out (see my page), it’s not a replacement for a site that lets me IM my quick messages – like Twitter did. So, what do I do? Do I drop that means of communicating? Do I lose touch with those I keep up with on Twitter? Or do I subscribe to a bunch of FriendFeeds and just forgo the communication side of things?

I don’t have an answer – I’m just ranting and sharing :)

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Loosing Faith in Twitter

Okay, now this is a bit much! I started using Twitter, because I was on IM all day and it was easy to keep up with friends using the IM functionality. Now there is only partial IM functionality – I receive tweets, but can’t send them. I kept my faith that the functionality would be restored and used the web to update my status – particularly because I’m at SLA Annual and want to let people know what’s going on. Then, this AM I go to log in and update everyone about today’s sessions and I get this:

All I have to say is GRRRRR!

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