IM for Productivity

I just read about IMified over at SolutionWatch.

From IMified:

Imified is an instant messenger buddy that works accross all major IM networks and offers access to a growing number of web applications, as well as productivity tools like notes, reminders, and todo’s. Imified helps you get things done faster.

From SolutionWatch:

Looking for an easy way to boost your productivity? Then turn on your instant messenger and head on over to IMified, a new service that enables users to access services like Basecamp, Google Calendar, and Remember the Milk from an instant messaging client. Now, I know that instant messaging can be a huge productivity killer, but you're going to want to turn that client back on for this. With IMified, users can manage todo lists, save notes, create reminders, and even add milestones to a Basecamp project. Just send an instant message to IMified and you're good to go.

Sounds pretty darn handy – now I just need to find some time to play – maybe I’ll use it to add assignment due dates to my Google Calendar …. hmmmm … I’ll let you know how it goes.

IM = More Productive

Via Lifehacker:

A new study from Computer Standards and Interfaces seems to indicate that for collaborative, non-face to face tasks, we do much better communicating via IM rather than email:

“On average, the IM teams produced one more idea than those using email. The researchers suggests this may be due to the speed of IM compare to email.”

Obviously, face to face interactions are probably best, but the findings are interesting nonetheless. How about you – what’s your preferred smartmaking communicative technology of choice? Thoughts in the comments.

Is IM better for brainstorming? []

Librarians love Meebo

There is a nice little post over at the Meeblog about librarians’ use of Meebo and Meebo Me.

Turns out that locked-down computers, reference librarians who always want to be in touch with their patrons, and the desire to make libraries fun and friendly have given meebo and meebo me the perfect opportunity to shine.

I actually had the opportunity to recommend Meebo for use in a night school class – since the school computers were so locked down, it was the only way to teach community members about IM. Keep up the good work!

IM Reference

I just finished my first conversation with a reference staff member at Drexel via IM! I needed to find a required journal and was thrown off by the interface they provided me with. I went right to my comfort zone – InfoTrac because that’s what we have at work and I know how to use it – but turns out that even though it said my journal was in there – it wasn’t! So I opened up IM and asked the librarian. Now that I think back I guess a complaint would be that he/she didn’t provide a name so I can’t tell you who helped me – for now we’re going to assume it was a “she” – based on statistics.

Anyway, she walked me through each step in the process and when I hit a bump she came up with a way to help me. She also introduced me to ProQuest which is way prettier than InfoTrac! I found both of my journal articles and am ready to sit down and do some reading.

IM Reference is totally handy!! I love it!

Wanna Chat?

I worked from home on Monday and had IM open so I could talk to my teammate (who was in the office). I used to be an IM junky when I was in college – but that died down pretty quick once I got a “real” job :)

Anyway, while I was on IM I got a chance to talk to Meredith who I haven’t talked to since March! So I thought I should try to keep my IM open whenever possible. If you want to chat my Yahoo and AIM IDs are the same “nengard”. I’m using Trillian so you can log in to whichever one you like. Hope to talk to you soon!