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Private Boards come to Pinterest

Finally! You can now keep your boards private on Pinterest. The holidays are a time for being with family, sharing great meals, and, of course, surprising your favorite people with a special gift. That’s why we thought the holidays were a perfect time to test one of our most frequently-requested features: secret boards! Starting today, we’ll be rolling out a test that enables anyone to create three secret boards. We  [ Read More ]

Pinterest Terms Updated

Since Pinterest has come in to the public eye, there have been many articles and posts about the inappropriate sounding terms of service. This week I got an email from Pinterest letting me know that they will be updating the terms to alleviate some of these concerns. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working on an update to our Terms. When we first launched Pinterest, we used a standard  [ Read More ]

On Pinterest

Tonight I attended a talk on Pinterest given by John LeMasney. Pinterest does one thing and does that one thing very well – it’s an image sharing/bookmarking tool. Social Visual Bookmarking Precedents John started by showing us sites that came before Pinterest that had/have a similar purpose : Delicious The idea of social bookmarking became popular with Delicious, but has lost a lot of users because of Yahoo!’s poor management  [ Read More ]

Are you backing up?

There was an article on TechCrunch today about a massive mistake made by Flickr: IT architect and Flickr user Mirco Wilhelm couldn’t log on to his 5-year old account yesterday, and when he asked the Flickr team about this issue they flat out told him they had accidentally flushed his entire account, and the 4,000 photos that were in it, straight down the drain. Apparently Wilhelm reported a Flickr user  [ Read More ]

Two Favorite Photo Tools in One

I’m so excited. While I’ve been away on vacation, my two favorite photo sites have formed a partnership. Flickr & Snapfish now work well together. I used to have to upload my pics to both places when I wanted to create gifts or order prints – now I can just upload my pics to Flickr and then import them to Snapfish … – or simply use the new Print &  [ Read More ]

Tagging People in Flickr

Woo Hoo!! Just what Flickr has been misssing – the ability to tag people who appear in the photos! I was looking at pictures from Internet Librarian and a change in Flickr popped out at me – there is now a small link on the right hand side of the page that lets you list people who are in the picture you’re viewing! Check it out: Awesome new feature!!

Flickr Galleries

First, I am obviously behind on my blog reading – but I just learned from Cnet that Flickr has announced a new feature – Galleries. There’s a long list of features that we’ve wanted to develop for our members. Giving our members a way to celebrate the creativity of their fellow members has always been high on that list. Today, we’re thrilled to launch our newest feature: galleries. For whatever  [ Read More ]

Flickr v. Picassa

As many of you know – I am a die-hard Flickr fan with a Pro account and a camera by my side at all times! I did however give Picassa a try when they came out with a Mac version and did like it – but I have too much invested in Flickr to make any switches – not that I want to. Anyway, if you’re not using a photo  [ Read More ]

White House Flickr Stream

How did I not know that there was an official White House Flickr Stream? Very cool! Everyone is on Flickr hehe

Flickr Improved Contacts

Yesterday Flickr improved their contact lists: Today we’re releasing changes to Flickr’s contact list page, that make finding, managing, and generally noodling-around with your contacts an easier and more enjoyable experience. You can now also now search for people within your contacts. You should check it out if you have a lot of contacts like I do – it’s much easier to navigate!! Technorati Tags: flickr

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