Tag Clustering in Flickr

I am giving a workshop on Flickr next month and I have to admit that there isn’t a conference that goes by where I don’t learn something new about Flickr (that I should have known). I’m at the NFAIS Humanities Rountable and Tim Spalding has just finished his intro to LibraryThing talk in which he showed tag clustering on Flickr – a feature introduced over 2 years ago!!! Tim used the example of the tag bow where the images are clustered based on similar tags – this is pretty darn neat and accurate (except the first row).

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Jaw-dropping Photosynth demo

To quote Richard Wallis from Talis – “Take yourself to this video of a presentation at the 2007 TED Conference. Don’t argue just take a look!

WOW! At first it’s just neat … and then it’s gets neater … and then … WOW!!!

Favorite quote (with some editing out of ums):

What the point here really is is that we can do things with the social environment. This is now taking data from everybody, from the entire collective memory, visually, of what the earth looks like and linking that together and make something emergent that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Camera Finder – Part 2

I said before (earlier today) that I didn’t think the Flickr Camera Finder was useful, but I’ve played with it more and have changed my mind.

I did a little browsing to find pictures taken by a particular camera. I can use this to figure out which cameras take the best pictures (for me). I have added the FujiFilm E900 to my wishlist per a recommendation from a friend (and an amazing price). I did a little looking at pictures taken with this camera and it’s a huge improvement over my current camera.


I have just paid for my Flickr account – that’s right – up til now I just stayed within my limits as a free member, but today when I couldn’t create a new set for IL2006 photos I decided it was worth it to make the leap! So now you can see my pictures at my own address: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nengard/ and I can upload until my heart’s content. See my IL2006 pictures so far.

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Family Photo Sharing

Amiglia is an awesome looking photo sharing site. It lets you share photos with your family in a sort of family tree layout.

Confused? I was too – but then I played with the little demo on the home page and I think I get it. Basically you can link your album to your family’s albums and it makes a sort of family tree out of your ablums. I’ll have to play more if I have time – probably not this week – but soon.