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Library Mashups on Longshots Podcast

I recently talked to Sarah Long of Longshots about how libraries can use Mashups. This podcast has now been released on Library Beat. Longshots #203: Exploring New Ways to Deliver Library Data

Win a copy of Library Mashups

Last week I was on the Library 2.0 Gang talking about mashups and and my upcoming book. There were some awesome mashup ideas talked about during the call. One that has stuck with me was a way to grab reading lists from all libraries in your area so you can see what books are best for your kid. Another really awesome idea mentioned letting patrons geocode your library to create  [ Read More ]

Library 2.0 Gang on OSS and the Economy

I wasn’t able to talk on the recent Library 2.0 Gang podcast cause of all of the travel I have been doing. The topic sounded great though: “Library 2.0 Gang 10/08: Financial Crisis or an opportunity?” Unless you have been living under a stone for the last few months, the turmoil in the world financial markets can not have escaped your notice, but how will this, and the inevitable recession  [ Read More ]

Library 2.0 Gang on Open Source

I was happy to get to talk with the Library 2.0 Gang yesterday about open source. Open Source Software has been around for many years.  Open Source components have been used to develop library systems since the late 1990’s.  Koha, acknowledged as the first fully open source library system was launched by its New Zealand based developers in 2000.   The growing interest around open source, stimulated by Koha, was given  [ Read More ]

New Library 2.0 Gang Podcast

I posted about the new Library 2.0 Gang Podcast a little while ago only to find that I had jumped the gun. Now it is really really available – so check it out – subscribe – and listen often You can listen to it via Library Journal or the new Library 2.0 Gang page hosted by Talis. In this issue, we spoke with Aaron Swartz about the Open Library and  [ Read More ]

New Library 2.0 Gang

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to join in a podcast recording with the new Library 2.0 Gang: I’m often asked when we are going to bring back the regular Library 2.0 Gang podcast show, especially after the special we did on Roy Tennant’s Library Software Manifesto, back in December. The great news is that the Gang will be back – this month! The first show in a new  [ Read More ]

What do you listen to?

In my new role, I’m going to have to keep up with what people are saying about libraries, open source and technology in general. I’m sure you’re thinking that I’m already doing that – but now I have to do it full-time! So, here’s my list of podcasts: Do you think I should be listening to anything else? Are you listening to anything interesting that I missed? Technorati Tags: podcasts,  [ Read More ]

Open Access Part Two

Looks like part two of the podcast I mentioned yesterday is just the questions & answers portion (which is included in part one as well). So, nothing else to report. Technorati Tags: open access

New (to me) Podcast

I just found the Open Source Conversations Podcast – sounds pretty interesting. If you’re interested in open source you might want to give it a listen.

Podcasts I listen to

A lot of people ask me what I read online – you can find that easily by visiting my blogroll. But my podcasts aren’t listed online anywhere. Here’s what I subscribe to: Talking with Talis SirsiDynix OPAL Podcast (for some reason this doesn’t work in Juice) LibVibe: the library news podcast Library Geeks LiSRadio :: LiS Limited Edition LiSRadio :: On the Job LiSRadio :: ShowMe Libraries

Bookmarks for Septe

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...