Bloglines – Problems after Maintenance

I have been having problems with Bloglines since they did their maintenance the other day. My feeds keep saying there are new posts, but when I click to read I get no results. Sometime changing the “Display items within the last” to a longer timeframe will make posts show up – when that works the posts are dated today or yesterday. Anyway, I’m getting a little annoyed – and probably missing some important posts.

Combine RSS Feeds

Most of you already know of this tool – or one like it – but I keep forgetting what’s it’s called and then I have to search for it – so here you go. To combine RSS feeds into one simple feed use something like FeedShake which not only lets you combine feeds, but you can apply filters to prevent certain results from showing up. Pretty handy!

Bloglines – Not Free Much Longer?

I gave 2 presentations today at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, and a presenter there said that Bloglines won’t be free much longer. I don’t know where he got his information – I wanted to see if any of you had heard this?? Can you point me to an article or some documentation about what’s going to happen? Or was this man just mis-informed?

[update 7/31/06] For those of you who aren’t reading the comments – this presenter was very wrong. This has been confirmed by Ryan Phillips Engineer in the comments. Thanks Ryan! [/update]

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Can you say Kebberfegg 3 times fast

I just read about Kebberfegg on SEW. It’s a neat little tool for generating RSS feeds:

Kebberfegg is a tool to help you generate large sets of keyword-based RSS feeds at one time. Keyword-based RSS feeds (some people call them “search based feeds”) are those RSS feeds generated as a result of doing a search — for example, both Yahoo News and Google News have keyword-based RSS feeds.

Keyword-based feeds are great because they can save you a lot of time by automatically updating search results and sending them to your RSS feed reader. But it can take a lot of time to set up all the keyword-based feeds you might want to use across several different resources. Kebberfegg gives you one place to set up as many as three dozen keyword-based RSS feeds at a time, in yummy HTML or OPML flavors.

I’m off to play.

Library Science Journals w/ RSS

TangognaT asked for a resource yesterday that I think we would all like to see.

I'm trying to see if someone has put together a master list of the library and information science journals that offer tables of contents as RSS feeds. I can find some lists of academic journals in general that offer news feeds, but I'm having a hard time tracking down a list that is specific to library science. It seems to me like this is the type of thing someone would have put together.

So, is anyone working on this? Does anyone know of a resource that might be help someone set up a list like this? If so post a comment over at TangognaT.

Compare Online RSS Feed Readers

TechCrunch has a great piece on The State of Online Feed Readers. It includes a handy chart showing you all of the features each reader offers. It covers:

I’ll have to read this more thoroughly and see if Bloglines is still the right tool for me to be using.