Neighborhood Watch Goes Online


Nextdoor is a new site that sounds pretty neat:

With neighborhood social network, Nextdoor, communities can stay up-to-date with everything from crime, activities and even ask the neighborhood if they can borrow the proverbial cup of sugar.

Here’s how Nextdoor works: Login to find your neighborhood and sign up. Every user must verify their address. If your neighborhood’s not there, you can be the person to start your neighborhood’s social network through Nextdoor. You’ll outline the boundaries and find the local school districts to include — yes, it takes some work, admits Tolia. But they want to avoid people signing up just to “kick the tires,” so to speak. Invite nine of your neighbors to sign-up and have them confirm their addresses on your neighborhood within 21 days. Once that’s done, your site is officially launched. If your neighbors don’t sign up, or maybe you don’t know enough of them, Nextdoor will alert you when someone else in your neighborhood successfully creates the site and then you can register.

The librarian in me wants to sign up and fill in all the info but the anti-social side of me doesn’t know the emails for 9 (or even 1) other person in the neighborhood so I’ll have to wait. I’m also wondering how to handle neighborhoods without names. I don’t know what I’d call my neighborhood other than the street name … but even that isn’t really accurate because I’d include the surrounding streets as well. Learn more at Mashable.

Easily Change Social Network Profiles

Bliss Control

A new tool called Bliss Control lets you manage all of your social network profiles from one place:

Bliss Control is simply a directory of links to manage your social media settings. The tool helps you easily access links to any settings page on the top social networks.

For example if you want to change your bio on Pinterest, you select those options on the homepage, hit “Go” and you’ll be taken to the right place on Pinterest to change your bio.

One of the commenters on the site said it reminded them of IFTTT and it kind of does, but it’s not automated like IFTTT is.

Facebook Friend and Relationship pages

Screen Shot 2012-11-10 at 11.28.04 AM

Apparently these have been around for a while but I just missed them … did you? Facebook has a way for you to view a page with everything related to your and one of your friends or your partner. Last year Mashable posted this:

Facebook is rolling out a new breed of Pages called Friendship Pages that pull together the public wall posts, comments, photos (based on tags) and events that two friends have in common.

Today I found out that these pages (that I knew nothing about) are being upgraded with Timeline and that you can now access pages for you and your partner by going to

Now Facebook is giving those friendship pages an upgrade, in order to make them look more like Timeline profiles. And as a bonus, it’s adding a new page for you and anyone you’re in a relationship with: the adorably-named

Learn more about Friendship pages and Relationship pages on Mashable.

Prevent social network hacking

Drawing of a key by John LeMasney via

Drawing of a key by John LeMasney via

There is a helpful article on ReadWriteWeb about how to clean up the apps that have access to your social networks. The more apps you let contact these accounts for log in info the more ways in to your accounts hackers have.

So don’t wait until your Twitter account is hacked. Take some time right now to clean things up and eliminate the apps that you no longer use or find relevant to your social networking way of life.

To make it easy, here are links to the three places that will allow you to peruse your apps and alter what services they can access:

Learn everything you need to secure your accounts via ReadWriteWeb.

Analyze Your Facebook

Wolfram Alpha Facebook

Woldram Alpha has a pretty cool new feature that lets you analyze your Facebook usage. This from Lifehacker:

Wolfram Alphalaunched a new feature today that allows you to quickly get an overview of all your data on Facebook. The new report, says Wolfram CEO Stephen Wolfram, expands Wolfram Alpha’s “powers of analysis to give you all sorts of personal analytics.” The company plans to expand these reports with new features over time, but they already give you a pretty deep look at your Facebook habits.

Here’s a snippet of what I Learned about my Facebook usage.

New Facebook Privacy

Facebook has release new privacy settings to some of us (you’ll be seeing it soon if you don’t already). These new settings are an attempt to be more like Google+ (where you can share with one specific people). When you log in to Facebook you’ll see a pop up inviting you to learn about the new settings:

When you’re updating your status there are three new options below the status box.

  • One for who you want to share with
  • one for your location
  • and one for your privacy for the post

My problem is that I can’t share a post with a list of friends – I have to choose individual people which is kind of annoying and hard for someone like me who follows hundreds of librarians. I guess it’s a step in the right direction, but not as easy to use as circles in Google+.

You can learn more about these new settings on Facebook.

Mapping Friends

I’ve been on the road a lot this month and last and have had friends on Facebook and Twitter comment on my Foursquare checkins asking why I didn’t let them know I’d be in their area. Well the reason is simple – I can’t remember where everyone I’m friends with lives :) This is the new world of virtual relationships and for me many of these relationships are just as good with people I know online (and at conferences) as those I know in my everyday life. My point here is I wish I did know where all my friends were before I headed in their direction – so I asked on Twitter and I got two answers to my problem.

The first is using Bing to map your Facebook friends.

Now of course I need all my friends to put their locations on Facebook and share them with me so I can find them :)

The other option was Google Latitude, but I’m not sure I completely understand how it works. I think that all my friends have to tell Google their locations to see them.

Anyway, I’m going to give these tools a whirl before my next trip (aka today).

Email to TripIt

Okay, so a big huge thank you goes out to Chris Cormack for pointing out this feature of TripIt.

As you know I travel a lot. This means I have a lot of info to keep track of and a lot of info to share with my husband both so he knows where I am and so he knows when to pick me up. What I usually do is forward all my confirmation emails to him and he then proceeds to lose them. So today when Chris asked if I wanted a ride from the airport in Wellington to my hotel I said ‘yes please’ and he asked if the details were on TripIt and I said ‘huh?’

It turns out that I missed a simple feature (which is displayed right in my face on the top of the screen) – the ability to forward your confirmation emails to TripIt (at and have it update your trips with details of your travel!!

I did this with a bunch of my trips and it added the details perfectly! How awesome is that?? Anyway, give it a whirl if you use TripIt.