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Social Networking on your Desktop

I received an email today announcing the research of Seesmic Desktop for Windows & Mac. Seesmic is a tool that allows you to track updates to a bunch of your social networks all at once. In my case I have set Seesmic up to follow Facebook, Twitter,, Google Buzz, LinkedIn and Foursquare. I have been playing with it on the web and on my desktop a bunch today and  [ Read More ]

No more Facebook Profile Boxes

I’m not really heart broken over this change – but I also don’t understand the why behind it. Facebook has decided to remove all third party applications from our profiles. According to Facebook: Profile Boxes are the third-party applications that are featured in boxes on your profile. You can now add a “bookmark” to the left side of the Facebook home page for these applications. What will happen to my  [ Read More ]

Facebook Privacy: Location Checkin

So, it looks like Facebook has done it again – they have released a new feature and opted us all in by default. The new feature is called Places and acts like Foursquare – except that Foursquare lets me pick who I share with and what I share. If you, like me, want to disable this by default Lifehacker has a great guide for you. Basically this backs up what  [ Read More ]

Facebook Profile Changes

There is yet another change to Facebook – your profile items such as job history, education, and interests is now linked to (or can now be linked) to pages on Facebook. I logged into Facebook this morning and saw this: So I clicked the ‘Choose pages individually’ link so I could have complete control over what was about to happen. I unchecked things I didn’t want to be linked to  [ Read More ]

Facebook Connect Revamped

Mashable says that Facebook is going to kill Connect, but I kind of see it as a revamp because of the message on Facebook’s homepage. What it looks like is that Facebook is only going to let you connect with sites it deems worthy. Today when I logged into Yelp I saw this at the bottom of the screen: and this after I clicked the link: It looks like the  [ Read More ]

Major Flaws in Facebook Pages

Last week I was teaching librarians about how they can use Facebook to promote their libraries. During our class, we found some major flaws in the system, flaws that make it so that many librarians have valid concerns about starting a page for their library on Facebook. On the day of the class we found that Facebook had removed the link to create a page for your business from the  [ Read More ]

Google Rolls Out Google Buzz

So, last year it was Google Wave and this year we have Google Buzz! I just logged into my email to see an invite to set up Google Buzz – I of course said “go right ahead” before doing any research on what it was Google Buzz is like FriendFeed in your email. It’s a way to bring your status updates into Email and read them right there in your  [ Read More ]

New Facebook Privacy Settings

A few weeks ago an open letter from Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, told us that big changes were coming to the way Facebook handled privacy. Today I logged into Facebook to find messages like this one: When you log into Facebook for the first time today Facebook will take you to your Privacy settings – but not to your full settings, so please remember to go to Settings > Privacy  [ Read More ]

Updated Facebook Guide

I have updated my Facebook 101 Guide. I have added a page on publicizing your Facebook Pages. Every time I visit a Facebook page of mine I find a new tool that I can use to promote them, so I thought it was time to share some of these tools I’ve found. Technorati Tags: facebook

Professional Side of Social Networking

My husband and I just had a discussion about how many social networking sites may have started out as fun sites, but they have become used for more and more professional purposes over time. One example is Twitter. We were all sold Twitter as a way to say what we’re doing in 140 characters or less – and it is still that – but now it’s a way for businesses  [ Read More ]

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