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New Facebook Pages

Last month I wrote about Pages on Facebook changing in appearance to look more like Profile pages. Well the change is happening – but I didn’t get any notice of it – which peaves me a bit because now I have a bunch of pages to go through and fix up before they’re automatically republished. This is what I see at the top of my pages: Pages are now more  [ Read More ]

New Facebook Pages Layout

I have had this article bookmarked for a little while now, so you may already know about it – but I’m sharing anyway Facebook will be revamping their pages to look more like personal profiles. With the Pages redesign, business Pages will now look much more like Facebook profile pages. According to information provided to advertisers, Facebook is moving Pages to a “Wall and tabs” design: The Wall tab, containing  [ Read More ]

The Impact of Global Digital Natives: The Rise of Social Media and Multi-language Communication and Content Nora Ganim Barnes from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth spoke first on Social Media Adoption from Higher Ed to the Inc. 500. Nora was going to give us the first longitudinal results of the conference. The sample used for her study included all kinds of schools size 20 students to 39,000 students. These questions  [ Read More ]

Facebook Guide Updated

I am starting my spring series of classes and so I updated my Facebook Guide to match the new Facebook look and feel and to add a few pointers (like privacy settings). Check it out and share with anyone.

Trying LivingSocial

I stumbled upon LivingSocial tonight and thought I would give it a whirl. The description in the title bar reads “Social Cataloging of Books, Movies, TV, Albums, Video Games, Beer, and Restaurants.” I know that I’m all set with my books – they’re cataloged on LibraryThing and I’d never want to switch, but I have no way to keep track of my albums and movies. The problem I’m finding with  [ Read More ]

SantaThing is so cool!

Somehow I missed this last year, but LibraryThing has announced its second annual SantaThing event!. SantaThing is Secret Santa for LibraryThing members. The idea is simple. Pay $25. You play Santa to a random LibraryThing member, and find them up $20 worth of books, based on their library or a short description. Someone else does the same to you. LibraryThing orders the books and pays the shipping, so no addresses  [ Read More ]

Less need for Twitter

I know I have talked about Twitter’s lack of IM support a lot lately, but this may be the end of my ranting. Today I read that FriendFeed has IM support! Now the question is – do I want/need to keep using Twitter? So many of my friends are using it and I do have a lot of followers and follow a many people myself – I’d hate to miss  [ Read More ]

LinkedIn Apps

Apps are popping up everywhere. LinkedIn announced earlier this week that they too were adding apps to their site. The first invite to add an app I got was from SlideShare. With the SlideShare app on LinkedIn, you can display presentations on your LinkedIn profile. You can browse presentations from your network and find out what’s going on with your connections. You don’t need to upload your presentations twice. Just  [ Read More ]

StumbleUpon Issues

Is anyone else having problems with StumbleUpon? I use StumbleUpon to email articles to my work email when I find things of interest to blog about on weekends. Lately when I click the links in my emails they take me to random page – as if I clicked the Stumble button on my browser … it has become a bit annoying and I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed this.  [ Read More ]

Why use Twitter?

I started using Twitter at a conference because I figured out how to get updates via IM. I use Adium and with this one tool I can log into my work Gtalk, personal Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo, Facebook and Meebo Rooms – why would I use anything else? Since Twitter crashed a few months ago IM has been down – but they’ve said it was coming back – now it has  [ Read More ]

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