Facebook 101

Yesterday I found 2 of my cousins on Facebook, only to find that they had no idea how they got on Facebook in the first place :) I started looking for tutorials that started with the very basics, but didn’t find anything up to my standards so I started my own Facebook 101 guide.

Now that the rough draft is done, I’m thinking of ways to organize it better and what else to add. I’m up for suggestions. Keep an eye out for changes over the coming month.

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Help a Library Student

I got this in my email and thought I’d share with you all:


My name is Sarah Hammond and I am conducting some research in fulfilment of my MA in Librarianship at the University of Sheffield. I am interested in how public libraries and librarians feel about the use of so-called social networking websites and software as a tool for the library and its various functions.

I am interested in obtaining the views of as many public librarians who can spare a few moments to complete this survey but if you do not wish to but think one of your colleagues might, then please forward it on to them.

Please spare a few minutes to whizz through my survey that can be found here:


I’d love to know what you all think. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me at this email address.

Kind regards

Sarah Hammond

Student on the MA in Librarianship programme
Department of Information Studies
University of Sheffield

How to be productive & social

This from Lifehacker:

Editor: We asked self-described social media junkie Steve Rubel for his tips on how to participate in online social sites like Twitter and FriendFeed without losing your entire workday. Here’s what he said.

Social media is the equivalent of digital food. It’s nourishing, tasty and, for many of us, necessary. However, consume too much and you can get sidetracked and create larger consequences. The good news is you can participate in social media in a way that adds value to your life. You just need to know how to manage it so so that it does not devour your attention—the most valuable commodity of the digital age.

Steve goes on to give readers 3 tips:

  1. Set a North Star
  2. Apply the Pareto Principle
  3. Schedule Time to be Social

Learn more at Lifehacker.

Facebook – No Longer #2

This from TechCrunch:

It was sort of inevitable given Facebook’s monster growth over the last few years, but April 2008 was the milestone: Facebook officially caught up to MySpace in terms of unique monthly worldwide visitors, according to data released by Comscore … Both services are attracting around 115 million people to their respective sites each month.

I’ve been telling those who attend my class to not even bother with MySpace and to focus on Facebook (unless they’re teen or children librarians) – and now I have numbers to back up my personal preference :)

Facebook Chat

Facebook now has chat (if you hadn’t heard already). I don’t use it much because it means going to Facebook and keeping it open. Up til now I had only heard about one app that let you chat on Facebook – and that’s Digsby – but it doesn’t have an app for Mac yet. So I thought I’d look around and see what I could find. It turns out that Adium will have Facebook support in version 1.3 – time to keep an eye out for that upgrade!

LinkedIn Group Search

Keeping my LinkedIn Profile up to date is very important to me. This is why it’s so annoying that I can’t seem to search for groups on LinkedIn that I belong to – what is taking them so long?? Today I found a Google Custom Search that lets you search LinkedIn Groups!

There are thousands of groups to join on LinkedIn. However, LinkedIn does not yet have a “group search” feature. I have noticed many of us LinkedIn members asking how to find and join groups. My goal was to provide us with a simple solution.

The search isn’t perfect – it shows the same title for every result, but it does find groups and that’s all I care about!! Check it out and find some of the groups you may belong to.

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