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Use WordPress as a Wiki

I’m not sure why you’d want to do use a content management system as a wiki – but I’m such a fan of WordPress that I thought this article on WordPress Jedi looked interesting. Many webmasters use solutions such as MediaWiki to add a Wiki section to their website. There is nothing wrong with that approach. But integrating MediaWiki with WordPress could be challenging. Besides, having to deal with a  [ Read More ]

PBWiki Name Change

The most well known (at least in libraries) wiki is changing it’s name! Next month [PBWiki] have some big changes that we will be announcing, and one of them is a new name and logo. Yes folks, the peanut butter sandwich is going into retirement. Your workspace will remain exactly the same – with the same features and login information. And we will always be an easy-to-use solution that you  [ Read More ]

Thanks to The Krafty Librarian, I just learned that PBWiki is offering free premium accounts to librarians and teachers (a $250/year value). What is the PBwiki Partner Program for Education? PBwiki wants to make 2008-2009 the year of collaborative learning. We know that budgets are going to be tight, and we don’t want a lack of funds to deter educators from using collaborative technologies like wikis with their students. To  [ Read More ]

After the back and forth in the Wikipedia/Britannica debate, Britannica caves: Long a standard reference source for scholarship, largely because of its tightly controlled editing, the Encyclopaedia Britannica announced this week it was throwing open its elegantly-bound covers to the masses. It will allow the “user community” (in the words of the encyclopedia’s blog) to contribute their own articles, which will be clearly marked and run alongside the edited reference  [ Read More ]

What do patrons know about Wikipedia?

My husband told me a shocking story last night!! He and his colleagues were debating whether America’s favorite ice cream topping is called “jimmies” or “sprinkles.” One of his colleagues (and I should mention that they’re all early thirties and under) said, we’ll check Wikipedia after lunch. My husband responded, we can’t trust that, people will edit the article to meet their opinion. His colleague was shocked. He asked what  [ Read More ]

A Wiki goes Social

Well – wikis are social – but what other title could I give this post? Turns out that WetPaint has added some new social networking features to it’s wiki package. (Seattle, Wash. – March 10, 2008) Wetpaint, the leading social publishing platform with a network of over 750,000 social sites, today unveiled a complete set of social networking features to supercharge creation of content on its award-winning wiki service that  [ Read More ]

More reliable?

Judith Seiss points us to Veropedia. Veropedia "is a collaborative effort by a group of Wikipedians to collect the best of Wikipedia's content, clean it up, vet it, and save it for all time. These articles are stable and cannot be edited." It is not competing with Wikipedia"”they "prefer to think of [themselves] as a meta-layer, highlighting the best that Wikipedia has to offer." There are two types of links,  [ Read More ]

Communication 2.0 at EMA

I presented with Sarah Theimer from Syracuse this morning. Sarah talked about how they use MediaWiki for keeping track of procedures. She started by asking “Will a wiki work?” and her answer was “Sort of” – my answer is YES! It was fun to listen to Sarah because a lot of what she said was repetition of what I’ve heard from others. It’s nice to hear that you’re not alone.  [ Read More ]

Collaborative Dictionary

I have to catalog a lot of foreign language materials at work – and I speak 1 language (typical American). So I use a tool called Babylon (not a freebie) to help me translate bits of text as I search through OCLC for the right copy. Well, now the makers of Babylon are trying something new – they have a wiki-dictionary – a wiktionary, a wikitionary … hmmm – anyway  [ Read More ]


This is pretty neat. I just learned about WikiMindMap. It’s a tool that lets you browse Wikipedia articles graphically. Here’s a little search I did for Library. By clicking the links on the image (were you on the WikiMindMap page) you are brought to the article in question on Wikipedia. Technorati Tags: wikipedia, wikimindmap

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