Moving to Wetpaint

If you read my last post you saw that I was a little disappointed that I did the LITA National Forum Wiki before I learned about Wetpaint. Well Chris Kollas from Wetpaint also read that post and has offered to help me move all of the info from pbwiki to Wetpaint so that I can test it out.

At first I didn’t think it was wise, but then I figured only one other person has posted on the current wiki and it probably won’t get really active until closer to October so I took him up on the offer. I will be moving the LITA National Forum wiki over to Wetpaint. It will be a great learning experience for all of us. I’ll keep you all posted.

Another Wiki Option

There is another free hosted wiki option to add to the mix. Wetpaint looks pretty darn slick.

Combining the best of wikis, blogs, and forums, Wetpaint is the canvas where everyone gets a brush. From personal expression to collaboration, Wetpaint empowers you to connect with others on whatever you’re passionate about.

I kind of wish I had read about it before I started the LITA National Forum wiki. I’ll let you know more once I come up with an idea for a site to try on Wetpaint – but for now you can read a thorough review on TechCrunch.

Unofficial LITA National Forum Wiki

Spead the word! I have set up an unofficial wiki for the LITA National Forum which will take place in Nashville, TN this year.

This will be my first year attending – and presenting – and I feel a little lost with the whole thing. I know that other conference wikis have helped me get organized so I thought I’d take the initiative this time and set up this site to share with everyone.

There’s not much there yet – since I’ve never attended this conference, so if you’re a veteran please contribute and help the newbies like myself!

[update 7-1-06] Wiki moved to another site – read here – and remember I still love PBwiki, I just wanted to try something new.

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Creative Writing

At the beginning of the year I set up my first MediaWiki site. It wasn’t easy to figure everything out – and there is A LOT to figure out. But now that everything is set up I have another problem – no activity.

The wiki site is my collaborative writing site Tag You’re It. The site has been around since 1999 and I’d hate to have to give up on it after such a long time – so if you like writing and have a little extra time, you might want to check it out.

[apology]Sorry for the advertisement, but I know my audience – and most you like to write ;) [/apology]

Get a wiki for your family

I guess you could do this with any wiki package – but JotSpot is marketing pages just for your family. With JotSpot Family Site you can:

  • Share a family calendar
  • See your family on a map!
  • Build your family tree
  • Create a secure site for your family
  • Put all your family recipes in one place
  • Plan your family reunion!

What a fun idea.

Learned about from Download Squad.

The Wikipedia/Britannica Debate

Back in December there was a lot of news coverage regarding an article in Nature magazine that stated that both Wikipedia and Britannica had a similar number of errors. Well Britannica has replied with a 20 page report (which I have not read all of – for reasons already stated – I’m way behind)

In its December 15, 2005, issue, the science journal Nature published an article that claimed to compare the accuracy of the online Encyclop√¶dia Britannica with Wikipedia, the Internet database that allows anyone, regardless of knowledge or qualifications, to write and edit articles on any subject. Wikipedia had recently received attention for its alleged inaccuracies, but Nature’s article claimed to have found that “such high-profile examples [of major errors in Wikipedia] are the exception rather than the rule” and that “the difference in accuracy [between Britannica and Wikipedia] was not particularly great.”

I don’t know about you – but to me it sounds like Britannica is a little miffed. Apparently they called for Nature to pull the article and Nature has declined stating that “We reject those accusations, and are confident our comparison was fair.”

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Why is Wikipedia such a target?

I don’t get it! Why is it that everyone is out to get the Wikipedia? Why is it that no one seems to realize that it’s a great invention and is not meant to replace your usual sources of information – but to promote community – and learning for that matter?

How? Well, when I first signed up for Wikipedia I wanted to find some resources about Shelties – I went to the Shetland Sheepdog page only to find that it was sorely lacking. What did I do? I went out and found information to add to the page – information from my breeder, books I had purchased and reliable sites I found. Does this mean that the Sheltie page on Wikipedia is 100% correct? Absolutely not! It means that I took care in editing the page and hopefully others do the same. The Wikipedia should not be your end visit when doing research – it can be a first stop though – someplace to stop and browse and then go off and fact check.

Why is this so hard to understand? Why is it that everything popular and new gets torn to shreds by the media?

The Philadelphia Inquirer has an article in today’s paper titled Rewriting history – with the click of a mouse. It details how aids in political offices are logging onto Wikipedia to alter their candidate’s page.

Hellllooooo! Why is this news?? Politicians rewrite history with money all of the time – but because it’s happening on a popular Internet site it has become another reason why Wikipedia is evil! Of course, I chose this article because the author makes a very good point – one that other articles about this topic leave out:

What is so quaint about all of this manipulation of Wikipedia’s information is that these inside-the-beltway denizens imagine that the voting public makes up its mind about politicians this way. It seems highly improbable that vast numbers of Americans, still unsure which candidate to vote for, visit an online encyclopedia to glean some new nuggets of information to make up their minds. It’s far more likely that they consult psychics and tarot card readers. Or even worse, ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, and Fox News.

My point exactly!!

Okay I’m done ranting for now.

Wiki World Presentation – Follow Up

I mentioned earlier that everyone at Jenkins Law Library was going to attend this seminar in our multi-purpose room – and we did. It was really neat to have the computer screen projected up on the big screen and hear Meredith’s voice coming out of our ceiling ;) – but that’s not what you want to hear about. Meredith gave a great introduction to what Wikis are and how we can use them in our libraries. The room was packed!! If you want to hear the presentation and the other information from yesterday you can find it all in the OPAL archive.

I’m so glad Meredith told everyone about this presentation on her blog – because I didn’t realize that OPAL existed until then. I’m keeping my eye out for other webcasts that our staff can attend.