Friends and Groups

  • Once your account is set up, you can keep up with updates from your friends, groups, applications and pages by looking to the right of your homepage under the ‘Requests’ heading
  • You can also find messages from friends by clicking on messages icon on the top left of the screen.
    • By using the search box on the top of your screen you can find people you may know as well as groups and pages of interest
    • From the search results you can
      • Send a message to your friend or click ‘Add as Friend’
        • Clicking ‘Add as Friend’ will notify the person that you want to be friends
      • Join a group by clicking the Join link
      • Become a fan of a page by clicking the ‘Become a Fan’ link
      • You can also filter your results by clicking on the filters to the left of the results.
    • At the bottom right of your screen you’ll see the Facebook Chat
    • By clicking on ‘Chat’ you’ll see your friends who are on Facebook right now. Double clicking on your friend’s name will open a chat window.
    • Type your message and hit enter to send it to your friend instantly.

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