Signing Up

  • Go to
  • Enter your information and click ‘Sign Up’
  • Click the link in your email (confirming your membership)
  • Finish setting up your account
  • First, you can search your email address book to see which of your friends are already on Facebook by entering your webmail login information.

    • Keep in mind that entering your email login information may not always be 100% secure. Learn more here.
  • Next choose friends that match those in your address book to connect to on Facebook (or click ‘Skip’ to skip this step)
  • You can also find friends by entering your education and current employer (or click ‘Skip this step’ in the bottom right)
  • Based on the information you enter, Facebook will make friend suggestions for you
  • Next, choose your local network (or click ‘Skip this step’ in the bottom right)
  • Next you will be brought to your new Facebook homepage
  • Next, you’ll want to update your profile.
  • Click the ‘View and Edit Your Profile’ link
  • By clicking on the highlighted headings (Basic Information, Personal Information, Contact Information, Education and Word) you can enter as much or as little information about yourself as you’d like
  • By entering multiple email addresses, it will make it easier for people to find you
  • Relationship information will appear on your main profile page
  • Personal information will just give people a feel for who you are
  • By entering your education, fellow alumni will be able to find you
  • Work information can be used by potential employers and by colleagues who are looking to find you on Facebook
  • While it’s not required to enter a picture, adding one to your profile helps people identify you (especially if your name has changed)
  • When done with each section, click ‘Save Changes’, when done with your profile, click ‘Done Editing’ at the top of your profile.


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