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  • Google How Search Works

    As a trainer I like sites like this new one from Google that show you how stuff works. How Search Works goes in to a lot of detail about how search engines work. I thought it might be a useful resource for those of you who teach web ...

  • Open Open Source Options for Education

    OSS Watch has published a list of open source options for education that I think might be helpful to many of you. This document presents options for open source software for use in the education sector. Some of these may have uses outside of education, but they are presented ...

  • Koha Free Koha Intro Webinars

    Join me for one of these free Koha introductory webinars!! Date: Thursday, January 10, 2013 Time: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST Register: Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 Time: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM EST Register: Date: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 Time: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM EST Register: Learn more about Koha on ByWater's What is ...

  • Koha Free Intro to Koha 3.10 Webinars

    It seems like just yesterday we were offering Koha 3.8 demos, but last week Koha 3.10 was released and so it’s time to start showing you what’s new! Join us for one of the following free Koha 3.10 demo webinars. We’ll cover what Koha can do for your library with ...

Conflict Management

I just attended an amazing webinar hosted by the SirsiDynix Institute on Library Conflict Management. The presenter was Pat Wagner of Pattern Research – amazing speaker – website could use some work (sorry Pat). This was the first webinar I had attended with 400 people in it! We did some surveys at the beginning to see what we were there and most of the people were there to learn how  [ Read More ]

Lifelong Learning (beware rant coming)

Okay, last night I had one of those dreams that makes you wake up mad! I’m sure you’ve all had them – so you can understand how I started my morning in a bad mood only to read 2 lines on 2 different blogs that set me off!! #1 – Chad of Library Voice included a quote from Business Week Online: “You’ve heard that MySpace is dangerous for your kids,  [ Read More ]

Lucky Lucky Me

So the host I use had a huge server crash – 2 of the sites I have hosted on it are down and have been for over 24 hours. Why am I lucky? Because this site is hosted at the same place – on a different machine!! I did however backup last night and will be doing so again all throughout today as I make changes!!

Too fun not to share

Today I attended a session at the PA Bar Institute that was supposed to share 60 tips in 60 minutes. We didn’t quite get to hear all 60, but there were some fun things I wanted to share with you all (and some productive things I’m going to test before I share). The USB Beverage Cooler from CoolIT – keep your drinks cool using the power from your computer. The  [ Read More ]

Bloglines – Not Free Much Longer?

I gave 2 presentations today at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, and a presenter there said that Bloglines won’t be free much longer. I don’t know where he got his information – I wanted to see if any of you had heard this?? Can you point me to an article or some documentation about what’s going to happen? Or was this man just mis-informed? [update 7/31/06] For those of you who  [ Read More ]

Banning Social Sites?

I was just catching up on my news reading and found an article on the ALA site about Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA). The House of Representatives held hearings July 11 on whether schools and libraries should be made ineligible for e-rate funding unless they bar minors from access to social-networking websites like MySpace and Friendster. Testimony before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce's Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the  [ Read More ]

Amazon’s Plogs?

I just logged into Amazon to find that there is a link to my plog on the right side column. What is a Plog? I’m still not sure – here’s what the page says: Your Plog is a personalized web log that appears on your customer home page. Every person’s Plog is different (hence the name) and just like a blog, your Plog is sorted in reverse chronological order.  [ Read More ]

Cross Platform Software

I just read about CrossOSS on Download Squad. It’s a database of Open Source applications that lists which operating systems each will run on. There’s not much there yet, but this is a handy resource to keep your eyes on.

My Famous Hubby

Yesterday my husband got some great news! He has recently designed a card game (a fun one) and a small game company wants him to send them a copy so they can decide if they want to distribute it. He was also mentioned on a gamer podcast!! I just had to share!

Keep track of comments

FINALLY! Just what I was looking for. coComment let’s you keep track of your comments on other blogs – and any comments that come after yours! Installing the handy extension for Firefox makes it so that a little bar appears under the comment box on the blog page you’re on. You can click the track box to keep track of your comment and the ones that follow. I’m really going  [ Read More ]

Bookmarks for Septe

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Septe

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...