Touched a Nerve – revisited

Yesterday I got my first blog-related phone call! Yep, George D called me out of the blue because he had just read my Touched a Nerve post (which was a response to my State of our ILS post) and wanted to chat (and rant) about III and the future of catalogs in general.

I was able to point George to some more resources on the changing nature of the catalog, including my summary of Paul Miller’s presentation at CIL2006 and the Next generation catalogs for libraries listserv. I forgot to point out a few more resources right here at What I Learned Today….

Since the post is way down in my archives I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to George’s comments. Also he brought up an interesting bit of trivia I wanted to share with everyone (because it was just too funny).

George called III the “Cadillac” of ILS’s – which I found interesting because my director called it that a while ago too. He then points out:

BTW, a little trivia, the first generation Cadillac ('76-79) was based upon the same platform used by the Chevy Nova.

That's our ILS - still built upon that old Chevy Nova foundation!!!

How funny is that?? It’s so true – I guess III is a “Cadillac” – but it’s a first generation “Cadillac”.

You can view George’s other comments by reading the original thread.

I have finally signed up for

There are only so many tools I can keep track of – but I found myself emailing myself links to articles I wanted to read at a later date and I thought – why am I doing this? So if you’re interested in what I’m bookmarking you’re welcome to view my new page. I’m still getting the hang of things – but I’m a big fan of the official extension for Firefox.


A while ago I signed up to test out Farecast an airfare predictions engine. Today I got an email that makes me very happy:

Farecast is happy to announce that airfare predictions for flights out of Philadelphia (PHL) are now available at

Actually they now have 55+ cities to choose from – which is a lot more than they had when I first signed up. If you have to travel a lot this fall for conferences you might want to give this site a look.

Five Weeks to Social Library

I have seen this announced in a few places so far (so you might already know about it) and wanted to share it with you all.

Meredith Farkas, Amanda Etches-Johnson, Dorothea Salo, Ellyssa Kroski, Karen Coombs, and Michelle Boule have planned a free online learning event to take place in Febrary and March of next year (I think – even though it says 2006 on the Call For Presenters).

We are pleased to present Five Weeks to a Social Library , the first free, grassroots, completely online course devoted to teaching librarians about social software and how to use it in their libraries. The course was developed to provide a free, comprehensive, and social online learning opportunity for librarians who do not otherwise have access to conferences or continuing education and who would benefit greatly from learning about social software. The course will take place in Drupal and on a MediaWiki installation, and will also involve a variety of other popular social software tools. The course will make use of synchronous components, with one or two weekly Webcasts and many IM chat sessions being made available to students each week. The course will culminate in each student developing a proposal for implementing a specific social software tool in their library.

Sounds like a great idea! If you’d like to present make sure you read the guidelines and get your submissions in by September 22.

Finding Tech Experts

Meredith has a helpful post over at TechEssence.Info for libraries who can’t afford to hire someone with programming skills. She points to online resources that will help you find someone with the technology skills you’re looking for. Read her post at Getting help from tech experts when you don't have any on-staff.

Just a side note – I am one of the library techies listed in the Pay IT Forward db – so feel free to ask for help!

Car 5.0

That’s right – skip 2.0 through 4.0 – I just watched this video about a hydrogen powered car by GM. This has absolutely nothing to do with what I usually write about, but I just had to share. Watch this video about the GM Highwire a car that requires no oil or gasoline, a car without an engine in front – a car without pedals!! It’s super scary to me, but it’s real.