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  • Google How Search Works

    As a trainer I like sites like this new one from Google that show you how stuff works. How Search Works goes in to a lot of detail about how search engines work. I thought it might be a useful resource for those of you who teach web ...

  • Open Open Source Options for Education

    OSS Watch has published a list of open source options for education that I think might be helpful to many of you. This document presents options for open source software for use in the education sector. Some of these may have uses outside of education, but they are presented ...

  • Koha Free Koha Intro Webinars

    Join me for one of these free Koha introductory webinars!! Date: Thursday, January 10, 2013 Time: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST Register: Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 Time: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM EST Register: Date: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 Time: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM EST Register: Learn more about Koha on ByWater's What is ...

  • Koha Free Intro to Koha 3.10 Webinars

    It seems like just yesterday we were offering Koha 3.8 demos, but last week Koha 3.10 was released and so it’s time to start showing you what’s new! Join us for one of the following free Koha 3.10 demo webinars. We’ll cover what Koha can do for your library with ...

LITA National Forum

Just a reminder that the unofficial wiki is up and running – and waiting for people to start entering information. This will be my first year at LITA and my first time in TN, so I don’t have much to contribute, but I’d really like to see some veterans participating in this collaborative project. Technorati Tags: lita2006, lita06

Now Reading

I just finished installing Now Reading – a plugin for WordPress. I’m having some pretty major issues with it so I might have to uninstall it, but I really don’t want to. I get MySQL errors when I add and edit books. You’ll also find that links to certain books don’t work. Lastly, the links to Amazon aren’t using my associates tag quite right. Feel free to email me if  [ Read More ]

Distance Learning

As you know I will start my Masters program with Drexel Online in just 2 months! I was interested in what this online learning experience was going to be like so I’m reading Teach Beyond Your Reach by Robin Neidorf. Since the book is geared toward teachers (not students) there are a few sections I’ve found myself skimming over (like the creating content chapters), but for the most part this  [ Read More ]

Second Life Library Feature

That’s right the Second Life Library crew has written a feature article for Serious Game Source. If you still haven’t read about this project, here’s a good overview of what’s being done. I haven’t been as active lately as I should be, but the more people that are involved the better!

Map out your job

Jessamyn has posted a great image over at The image shows a chart that explains a library director’s job. I think all employees should have to create a chart like this. I think that if we all had one of these we could show them to our board members when we’re up for review. This way they’d see that the web manager doesn’t just make sure that the web  [ Read More ]

Change is the theme

WOW! Change is the major theme on the biblioblogosphere right now. Meredith has a great post about Knowledge Management at her institution. T. Scott has a great comment on the post: One of the things that I would encourage you to remember is that it doesn't take a LOT of the people in an organization to make change happen. The cultural shifts happen very subtly, when a small core of  [ Read More ]

Managing Change Part 2

I wrote my review of The Accidental Library Manager last night. I mentioned that I liked the Managing Change chapter and then this morning I saw that Info Career Trends has a bunch on managing change in libraries: What’s Online? Recommended Resources What’s Your Story? Knowing Yourself Is Key to Surviving Change It’s Not Personal, It’s Business: Practical Advice on Dealing with Change in the Workplace

Cars 2.0

I can see why people would start to hate names with 2.0 in them. Last night I was watching TV when I saw a commercial for the new Nissan Altima. The theme was 2.0 all the way. They would show flashes of the car and then print something like Passion_2.0 and then Excitement_2.0 at the end they printed Nissan_2.0 and Shift_2.0. They idea is supposed to be version 2 –  [ Read More ]

Accidental Library Manager

A week or so ago I finished reading The Accidental Library Manager by Rachel Singer Gordon. I was waiting to have some time before I wrote about it – and now I have some time. First, this is the second of Rachel’s books that I have read and I have to say I like her writing style. I love that it seems like she’s talking right to you – I  [ Read More ]

Change & Libraries

T. Scott posts about Permanent Change – he says things I’ve heard from him before – but he says something interesting – the source of all of my frustrations: Most people are resistant to changes being imposed on them when they don’t see that the result of the change is going to be an improvement in their situation. I am currently working on a huge project! It will affect about  [ Read More ]

Bookmarks for April

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for April

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for April

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for March

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for March

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...