Individual RSS Feed Icon

Okay I give – how the heck do you get a little icon to appear next to your feed in a reader like Bloglines? I looked at a bunch of people’s RSS feeds today and could not see anything there that I didn’t have in my feed. I have a favicon set up for my site and I’d like to have the same image appear in Bloglines. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Social Notetaking

I just read about on Solution Watch.

Claimed to be a social notetaking service, allows students to publicly save organized notes, manage a class schedule, and keep up to date with tasks using a time sensitive to do list.

It sounded interesting so I went to take a look – the problem is that you can’t see what it’s all about unless you know the school and class/professor of the class. I just wanted a little demo before I signed my life away :)


I am all registered for my first term at Drexel. Can you believe that registration opened at 7am this morning for new masters students and at 7:38 when I registered 5 sessions I wanted were already filled.

Why didn’t I register sooner? Well I was up this morning at 4am (lots going on at home to keep my mind working) and I actually considered coming in to work late so that when registration opened at 7am I would be in front of my computer instead of underground in the subway – yep at 7am I’m on my way to work, I registered as soon as my computer turned on this morning.

Maybe more than you needed to know – but there you go.

I still got all of the classes I wanted/needed so I’m a happy camper. Classes start September 25th!

Bloglines – Problems after Maintenance

I have been having problems with Bloglines since they did their maintenance the other day. My feeds keep saying there are new posts, but when I click to read I get no results. Sometime changing the “Display items within the last” to a longer timeframe will make posts show up – when that works the posts are dated today or yesterday. Anyway, I’m getting a little annoyed – and probably missing some important posts.


I know that there are other similar services out there – but this is the only one I’ve played with. GiftHat lets you create and share a wishlist – the best thing is that you can import your Amazon wishlist right into their database. There are a few features I’d like to see.

  1. They show the list price instead of the Amazon price (which is always less).
  2. I’d like to be able to enter in my amazon associates tag – make a little money :)

Overall, a pretty nifty tool. [Thanks TipMonkies for pointing it out]