Blogger Beta

That’s right – it went backwards – from Blogger to Blogger Beta. Okay, enough silliness – Google released a new version of Blogger yesterday (hence the beta). I was going to go play with my puppy blog to see how the new features work out – but it turns out you can’t use the new features on existing blogs … yet. So for now here’s a list of new features for those using the Beta version of Blogger:

  • Categorize your posts with labels
  • Control who can read your blog
  • Change the appearance and content of your blog with your mouse instead of HTML

Learn more at Blogger Buzz.

Another Free Hosted Wiki

Wired News has an article about

Launched over the weekend, joins the already populous field of do-it-yourself wiki sites, which allow anyone to add and edit content on a specified topic.

In its first day live, visitors have been snapping up subdomains with topical words, like, or common first names.

Currently, anyone can register a subdomain on Registrants must give permission to allow others to add or edit content on their sites. Gotts envisions making money through keyword advertising at first. He’s also considering letting registrants co-own their subdomains, enabling them to develop popular wiki sites and then sell them.

What I’d like to see is a demo – or something to give me an idea of how it works (without having to sign up for my own site).

RSS Unsafe

Well, what isn’t?? An online friend of mine sent me a link last week that talked about how subscribing to RSS feeds could be a security risk – today I found a similar article on

Attackers could exploit the problem by setting up a malicious blog and enticing a user to subscribe to the RSS feed. More likely, however, they would add malicious JavaScript to the comments on a trusted blog, [Bob] Auger said.

What do I have say about that? Well, Duh! If people can spam our email with viruses, then they can surely hit us through our RSS feeds, but that’s why we (bloggers) install protections like Spam Karma (and other such comment filters) and why we all install spy ware protection and anti-virus software on our computers.

It’s no different than email in that respect – you open yourself up to being hacked/attacked whenever you let someone else deliver content directly to your computer.

Dell Battery Recall

You may have heard this already, but Dell is recalling batteries that have been overheating and setting laptops on fire. I have one of the potentially affected laptops – but I haven’t turned it off to check the battery yet :)

Learn more about this recall and share it with your friends and family (especially if they got their laptop between April 1, 2004 and July 18, 2006).

[update] Turns out I have one of the bad batteries – so I have to wait 20 days for my new battery [/update]

I knew it!

As you know I have finally signed up for FeedBurner – but why the change? Well I was getting a little annoyed with depending on Bloglines to tell me how many subscribers I have. Bloglines was telling me that I had something like 28 subscribers – After 2 days FeedBurner says I have 79 (and I’m sure there are still more people who haven’t used the new feed URL yet).

I’m not sure why the difference, but I knew (based on page visits & comments) that there were more than 30 of you out there reading to see what I learned today. Thanks for bearing with me and updating your aggregators!

Today I learned that you can’t trust Bloglines count of subscribers (especially since there are a lot more readers out there to choose from).

Individual RSS Feed Icon

Okay I give – how the heck do you get a little icon to appear next to your feed in a reader like Bloglines? I looked at a bunch of people’s RSS feeds today and could not see anything there that I didn’t have in my feed. I have a favicon set up for my site and I’d like to have the same image appear in Bloglines. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Social Notetaking

I just read about on Solution Watch.

Claimed to be a social notetaking service, allows students to publicly save organized notes, manage a class schedule, and keep up to date with tasks using a time sensitive to do list.

It sounded interesting so I went to take a look – the problem is that you can’t see what it’s all about unless you know the school and class/professor of the class. I just wanted a little demo before I signed my life away :)