Dell Battery Recall

You may have heard this already, but Dell is recalling batteries that have been overheating and setting laptops on fire. I have one of the potentially affected laptops – but I haven’t turned it off to check the battery yet :)

Learn more about this recall and share it with your friends and family (especially if they got their laptop between April 1, 2004 and July 18, 2006).

[update] Turns out I have one of the bad batteries – so I have to wait 20 days for my new battery [/update]

I knew it!

As you know I have finally signed up for FeedBurner – but why the change? Well I was getting a little annoyed with depending on Bloglines to tell me how many subscribers I have. Bloglines was telling me that I had something like 28 subscribers – After 2 days FeedBurner says I have 79 (and I’m sure there are still more people who haven’t used the new feed URL yet).

I’m not sure why the difference, but I knew (based on page visits & comments) that there were more than 30 of you out there reading to see what I learned today. Thanks for bearing with me and updating your aggregators!

Today I learned that you can’t trust Bloglines count of subscribers (especially since there are a lot more readers out there to choose from).

Individual RSS Feed Icon

Okay I give – how the heck do you get a little icon to appear next to your feed in a reader like Bloglines? I looked at a bunch of people’s RSS feeds today and could not see anything there that I didn’t have in my feed. I have a favicon set up for my site and I’d like to have the same image appear in Bloglines. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Social Notetaking

I just read about on Solution Watch.

Claimed to be a social notetaking service, allows students to publicly save organized notes, manage a class schedule, and keep up to date with tasks using a time sensitive to do list.

It sounded interesting so I went to take a look – the problem is that you can’t see what it’s all about unless you know the school and class/professor of the class. I just wanted a little demo before I signed my life away :)


I am all registered for my first term at Drexel. Can you believe that registration opened at 7am this morning for new masters students and at 7:38 when I registered 5 sessions I wanted were already filled.

Why didn’t I register sooner? Well I was up this morning at 4am (lots going on at home to keep my mind working) and I actually considered coming in to work late so that when registration opened at 7am I would be in front of my computer instead of underground in the subway – yep at 7am I’m on my way to work, I registered as soon as my computer turned on this morning.

Maybe more than you needed to know – but there you go.

I still got all of the classes I wanted/needed so I’m a happy camper. Classes start September 25th!

Bloglines – Problems after Maintenance

I have been having problems with Bloglines since they did their maintenance the other day. My feeds keep saying there are new posts, but when I click to read I get no results. Sometime changing the “Display items within the last” to a longer timeframe will make posts show up – when that works the posts are dated today or yesterday. Anyway, I’m getting a little annoyed – and probably missing some important posts.