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You’ve probably heard about…

I realized at this conference that as a blogger I, and other blogger/presenters, assume that people have the same knowledge as us. I frequently heard blogger/presenters say “you’ve probably heard about …” or “you’ve seen the …. video already”, but the fact of the matter is that we’re really still a small minority. I make the same mistakes – I always assume that those around me have heard of specific  [ Read More ]

Sketch of Me!!

How cool is this? Derik Badman is sketching the CIL conference and he did one of me!! Nicole Engard before her presentation Originally uploaded by madinkbeard. Technorati Tags: cil2007, cil07

Social Software at CIL

So, Meredith Farkas started off her talk by telling the audience that I bite!! Yep, that’s right – I’m a biter I’m just kidding, Meredith (and me later today) was in the worst room for presenting. There are 2 pillars in the middle of the room that make it nearly impossible to see the screen. If you’re short and can see the screen you can’t see the bottom half unless  [ Read More ]

My Presentation

I am done! My presentation went well as you an tell by this twitterer: If you want the slides they are on my Publications & Presentations page – and here. I’ll try to do a screencast when I get back home for those who couldn’t see the screen or weren’t able to attend. Technorati Tags: cil2007, cil07

Library 2.0: Setting up the New Stuff

Next I heard David Lee King talk about Library 2.0 “Setting up the New Stuff”. While I obviously have a feel for some of the basic technologies that David went over, I’m still glad that I attended this event so that I can share what I learned with you all. David broke the talk into 3 parts. Part 1 – He answered some questions. Why? Just cause we can isn’t  [ Read More ]

CIL2007: Keynote #1

I got to hear Lee Rainie give the keynote at CIL last year – I have to say I’m glad that he gave a different talk this year – I was a bit worried that it wasn’t going to be a new keynote. Lee talked about Web 2.0 and what it means to libraries. He asked us bloggers to remember to note for everyone else that librarians are the people  [ Read More ]

Summaries to come

I know you’re looking for my summaries – they’re coming. Right now I’m just writing to say that I’m having a very hard time resisting the urge to join up with all of the other twitterers – everyone around me has it open!!! I may give in to peer pressure soon – bad bad girl. Keep an eye out – I’ll add some summaries tonight. Technorati Tags: cil2007, cil07

Here in rainy VA

I’m here – it’s raining – nothing much else to report. The action all starts tomorrow! Technorati Tags: cil2007, cil07

Off to CIL

I leave today! It’s horrible out here – it’s pouring and windy – should be a fun drive. See you all there!! Technorati Tags: cil2007, cil07

First Draft Done

I have finished the first draft of my presentation for CIL. This year I’ve been lax. I usually have this stuff done months in advance – but things have been crazy!! If you’re going, make sure that you add your schedule to the wiki so people know where to find you. Technorati Tags: cil2007, cil07

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