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Amy De Groff, Head of Library Technology Services talked to us about using open source at the Howard County Public Library. Amy started by telling us that she was not going to convince us that open source is a good thing – the other speakers had already done enough of that. Amy’s library will be entirely open source by September – which is pretty darn awesome!! With open source software  [ Read More ]

CIL2008: LibX

Kyrille Goldbeck and Dr. Godmar Back of Virginia Tech talked to us about LibX. I (probably like you) have heard of this tool before – but I had no idea how cool and powerful it was!! LibX was originally developed as a way for patrons to take the library with them on the web as a sort of a “virtual librarian” that guides user to library resources while they use  [ Read More ]

CIL2008: Open Source Applications

Glen Horton talked to us about how libraries can give back to open source. Libraries and open source are fundamentally related – both … believe that information should be freely accessible to everyone we like to give away stuff we benefits from generosity of others (part Glen is going to talk about) are about communities make the world a better place One of the ways libraries can give back is  [ Read More ]

CIL2008: Open Source Landscape

I love listening to Marshall Breeding present – it always makes me feel better to know that someone can talk faster than me Marshall started his talk by showing us the lib-web-cats advanced search which allows you to search for libraries running specific systems. He did remind us to keep in mind that the systems shown are the ones that have made a commitment to a system (may not be  [ Read More ]

CIL2008: WoePac to WowPac

Karen Schneider moderated this very interesting two part session on WoePac to WowPac – a look at OPACs as we know them and would like them to be. As a librarian who has often torn her hair out over the sad state – “or should I say sucky state” of our OPACs she’s the perfect person to be introducing the speakers for this session. First off, Roy Tennant. Roy started  [ Read More ]

CIL2008: Avatars to Advocacy

This year at CIL I got to attend my first ever pre-conference. My session was taught by Helene Blowers and Michael Porter and covered the new paradigm of marketing in libraries. Helene started the afternoon off by talking about the title of the presentation “From Avatars to Advocacy: Innovation Through Un-Marketing.” The term “Un-marketing” is in the title because we were covering a different view than the traditional view of  [ Read More ]

First off Darlene Fichter and Frank Cervone are like a stand up comedy act with really neat tools to make our lives easier! I just love attending their presentations each year. So let’s get to the meat (excuse my lack of capitalization): Firefox Tools: safecache – protects your privacy – defends against cache-based tracking techniques foxmarks – automatically syncs bookmarks with a web version at – works across work  [ Read More ]

CIL2008 – Super Searcher

An awesome list of tools from Mary Ellen Bates: – blog of alternative and niche search engines – click the top 100 tab – subscribe to rss feed Keotag – search across web 2.0 sites (technorati, delicious twitter and more) MSN product reviews – search for a specific brand Google’s new n improved timelines – creates a readable page easy to scan and identify trends (find when there was  [ Read More ]

CIL2008 – Libraries Solve Problems!

Our first keynote was by Lee Rainie, Director, Pew Internet and American Life Project. As usual, he asked us who’s blogging? He also showed us blog posts about him – from previous years – maybe next year something I’ve said here will be on his presentation Why does he ask this? Because blogging is about community building and communication – this is what makes the internet so different and so  [ Read More ]

CIL Right Around the Corner

WOW! This years Computers in Libraries conference is right around the corner! Have you added your schedule to the wiki yet? I did. See you all there!! Technorati Tags: cil2008, cil08

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Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...