Facebook Friend and Relationship pages

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Apparently these have been around for a while but I just missed them … did you? Facebook has a way for you to view a page with everything related to your and one of your friends or your partner. Last year Mashable posted this:

Facebook is rolling out a new breed of Pages called Friendship Pages that pull together the public wall posts, comments, photos (based on tags) and events that two friends have in common.

Today I found out that these pages (that I knew nothing about) are being upgraded with Timeline and that you can now access pages for you and your partner by going to facebook.com/us:

Now Facebook is giving those friendship pages an upgrade, in order to make them look more like Timeline profiles. And as a bonus, it’s adding a new page for you and anyone you’re in a relationship with: the adorably-named facebook.com/us.

Learn more about Friendship pages and Relationship pages on Mashable.

Analyze Your Facebook

Wolfram Alpha Facebook

Woldram Alpha has a pretty cool new feature that lets you analyze your Facebook usage. This from Lifehacker:

Wolfram Alphalaunched a new feature today that allows you to quickly get an overview of all your data on Facebook. The new report, says Wolfram CEO Stephen Wolfram, expands Wolfram Alpha’s “powers of analysis to give you all sorts of personal analytics.” The company plans to expand these reports with new features over time, but they already give you a pretty deep look at your Facebook habits.

Here’s a snippet of what I Learned about my Facebook usage.

Facebook Apps

My Facebook Apps

There are constantly new apps added to Facebook. I’m finding it hard to keep my list manageable. I am constantly turning down zombie and vampire invites (what do I need those for), but there are also some very useful apps in Facebook.

iLibrarian has three parts listing great apps for librarians:

In addition to these, Worldcat now has a Facebook app that you might be interested in.

My list of apps is on the left here – it’s not all professional – but there are some good apps in that list that you might be interested in.

Add to all of this that you can now become fans of library pages on Facebook and you now have an amazing social networking tool for librarians!

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